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    • Just a dream...
      • My dreams rarely make any sense, and that is only when I actually remember them. Confusion seems to be the running theme though almost never in a scary sense. If I stood in front of three doors in a nightmare I would probably have little trouble choosing which one to open, since I seldomly have lucid dreams. My dream would pick the rightmost one for me and as soon as i press down the handle I would know it was a bad choice. A strange premonition of countless terrors that will be unleashed and a feeling of hopelessness as I realise that I've sealed my fate. Before I know it the door is pushed open by a cold wind and the hunched frame of a person, backlit by smoking torches that seem to emit gloom rather than light, becons me towards him. Not by gesture or word but I know just the same that I must enter, for such is the nature of my dreams. Often the perspective shifts and it's more like watching a movie starring myself and I can only watch in horror as I make for the door and give my hand to the shadow within. Immediately it pulls me close and the door closes soundlessly behind. Up this close i recognise the shadows face as the face of my highschool chemistry teacher and as his ice cold arms wrap themselves around me, as if to squeeze all life from my soul, he whispers something: "Remember if what I tell you is true or not. You can only trust in someone else entirely" and many other seemingly profound sentences that will cofound me when i wake up. Before I can answer the floor most likely will collapse and while I seem to be able to grab hold of something i will never know what happens next because this is the point where I wake up.

      • answered by Djoseph on 08/22/2013
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    • Childhood food
      • That would be "ugnsstekt falukorv med potatismos", or oven roasted falu-sausage with mashed potatoes. You take the big sausage, cut slits in it, stuff cheese and apple pieces in them and just pop it into the oven. The mashed potatoes you do during the time that it cooks. I liked it so much we had it at least once a week. In fact i ate it so much growing up that i find it hard to eat it now. The best part, however, was not the meal itself but what could be done with the leftovers. Mum would take the mashed potaoes, ad some eggs, flower and milk and fry them like small pancakes. I would usially have that for lunch then the day after, with crisp bacon and lingon-berry jam on the side. Just rhinking of that now makes my mouth water. Perhaps I'll be making some mashed potatoes tonight...

      • answered by Djoseph on 12/27/2012
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    • What I'd Say to My 16-Year-Old Self
      • Some tips and small talk to myself. I'd probably not enjoy meeting my sixteen year old self as I think, but I'm pretty sure young me would enjoy my company.

        Please get a hold of yourself and try to actually do your math homework. You might actually be able to enjoy it later then. Otherwise I think you're doing fine, you have good friends that really care about you and you should never forget about that. I know that you will do mostly good choices in the future, so just keep up the good work, and enjoy your bachelorhood while it lasts. In seven years you'll be a married man.

      • answered by Djoseph on 08/19/2010
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