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      • Username: Droga
      • In response to: "Even if you aren't a chef, what's your favorite dish to prepare?" Currently it is a carrot cake. But it changes depending on my mood, season, available vagetables or fruits, last inspirations. So now it is the carrot cake with a lot of walnuts and cinnamon ..
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    • A List of Changes
      • I would like to be more clever and brave to make difficult although right choices and decisions in my life.

        Then my life could be very different from what it is now and I could be in a completely different place: emotionally, privately and profesionally, geographically.

        I would like to be more selfish to be able to choose what is the best for me.

        Then my life could be very different from what it is now.
        But.. would I be happier at the end?

      • answered by Droga on 11/15/2012
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    • Remembering
      • A warm hand of my mother on my forehead or my cheek. Then I could fall asleep. It was a sign which ment that nothing bad could happen to me with her being around and watching me.

      • answered by Droga on 11/13/2012
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