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    • EAMHarris
      • hello E A M Harris
      • Username: EAMHarris
      • In response to: "If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?" Something to dance to: maybe a Viennese waltz, a can-can, a jig.
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    • Google to the rescue!
      • I searched for a garden obelisk. I've got one but my partner is of the opinion it would look better if it had a companion. Needless to say, I can't find another just like it – there seem to be endless variations of obelisks. I'll just have to get one the same colour and grow lots of plants up them to hide them.

      • answered by EAMHarris on 04/13/2014
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    • If I could tame a wild animal
      • Rodent Damage Management 031011

        I wouldn't really take on a wild animal. I don't know enough to look after them properly. However, if I had to I'd want something smallish and vegetarian – some kind of rodent maybe. I'd give it a big run in the garden with lots of toys and varied food. If it was a social animal I'd want two of them as isolation might lead one alone to depression. Having any kind of animal affects your life – you have to be there to feed and groom it, it costs money and you have to be very alert for possible illness.

      • answered by EAMHarris on 03/03/2014
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    • Out of your reach
      • I can't remember anything in particular, but my childhood is a long time ago. At one point I wanted blond hair. As a teenager I gave it to myself by going to a friend's house and dying my boring brown hair. My parents were really upset and paid for me to go to a very expensive hairdresser to have the effect reversed.

      • answered by EAMHarris on 01/22/2014
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    • Your fifteen minutes
      • I would use radio as there are many people in the world who do not have access to TV but who do have radio.
        The real question for this prompt is: how long do I have to prepare what I'm going to say? I think it would take months to decide the topic and at least a week, preferably several, to form it into an interesting fifteen minute talk.
        I would also like to know if I can have sound effects and/or background music. Do I get any pre-address advertising? This would greatly affect how I phrase things.

      • answered by EAMHarris on 01/07/2014
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    • Playtime
      • Daily I play cards on the computer – I find doing something where the outcome doesn't matter at all very relaxing. It also helps me remember what, of the many non-play things I have to do, I should be doing next.
        Infrequently I like going out with no destination or appointment in mind and wander round streets and shops.

      • answered by EAMHarris on 01/01/2014
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