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    • Frankieleejb
      • hello Francene Jensen
      • Username: Frankieleejb
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" I will never give up my camera. I love to take pictures. I take them where ever I go and what ever I see. If I look into the sky and the clouds are cool shapes I take a picture. I see art in all thing
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    • Carving a Statue
      • My sculptor is carving a pair of Dolphins jumping over the Rainbow. I like Dolphins because when they mate they mate for life. They are soul mates and that is what my partner and I are. We are soul mates and when we pass our souls will jump over the rainbow into eternity where we will live forever.

      • answered by Frankieleejb on 11/09/2012
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    • Humanity Celebrates
      • Humanity celebrates the year 2012 because we know that for the next 4 years we can make lots of money, finish bringing our troops home, and hopefully marry my life partner. Our dear president Obama will have 4 more years to finish what he started. More people will have jobs so more money will be spent. This will bring more money to the big and small, old and new business's. Which is always good for humanity.

      • answered by Frankieleejb on 11/09/2012
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    • My Haunted House
      • Spirit

        I had just moved into this trailer and was sleeping on a cot in the living room. It was a cold October night and I didn't have my gas or electric on yet. Needless to say I did not sleep well. I kept hearing noises in the house. It was real dark and the only light I had was a flashlight. The trailer had a back door in the hallway. I had my head covered trying to stay warm. All the sudden I heard the back door slam shut. It startled me cause I new I was the only one there. I knew I had locked both locks on the door. I peaked out of the covers and I saw what looked like a shadow with a light floating from one room to the other. I thought someone was in my house so I through the covers off me and shined my flashlight yelling. The only thing I saw was a shadow disappear through the door and the door never opened or shut. I went and check the door and it was still locked with the chain lock on the inside and the door knob lock. I never believed in ghosts until that night.

      • answered by Frankieleejb on 10/31/2012
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