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    • Greenkfl
      • hello Kaye Locke
      • Username: Greenkfl
      • In response to: "What was the comfort food you enjoyed most growing up?" Rather than eat the ghastly school dinners, I used to go home for lunch, where my nan would be waiting with one of her wonderful hot creations. My favourite was fish in parsley sauce with creamy mash
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    • Three Photos in a Sequence
      • Ah, there's one of me in the kitchen! I've got a big clear bowl in one hand and a bag of flour in the other. The children are there, grinning, they always liked cooking with mum. The sun is shining through the window, it looks like a happy day.
        Me and the kids are holding up our hands to the camera, our fingers covered in sticky dough. There seems to be flour everywhere - a dusting of white over the grey tiled floor. One of the girls is sticking her tongue out, she will always do that in photos, I keep telling her off, but she's the cheeky one.
        Mmmm... the last photo. I can almost smell the bread. The big domed loaf is in a basket on the table, one or two of the spongy slices already cut. It appears to be tea time, the lights are on giving a warm glow to our faces. There's a pot of home made jam on the table - I bet it's gran's best strawberry. That's all we have left of her now, memories of strawberry jam tea's.

      • answered by Greenkfl on 11/06/2012
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    • Beam Me Up
      • Japanese Gardens

        Japan. Always wanted to see the cherry blossom, wear a kimoni, go on the bullet train, see mount fuji, visit a real Japanese garden, listen to the kodo drums and see some shadow puppets....I'm sure there's more..

      • answered by Greenkfl on 11/14/2010
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    • My Favorite Word
      • Serendipity - 'the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident' Happy discoveries, to make you go oooooohhh instead of the sort that make you go aaagghh...

      • answered by Greenkfl on 10/24/2010
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    • Taking a Stand
      • cigarette

        I was probably about 12 and there were a group of us girls hanging about in the park. One of my friends pulled out an illicit packet of cigarettes and proceeded to light one up, challenging us all to have one. Whilst all the others were keen to try, I voraciously said that it was a bad thing to do (not sure I even knew why at the time - this was many, many years ago!) and that I'd 'tell their mums' and stalked off in a huff. Bit snotty I know!

        The friendships were never renewed.

        I have never smoked and to this day I cannot understand why anyone does.

      • answered by Greenkfl on 10/23/2010
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