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    • Honeypure
      • hello Pamela Melenchen
      • Username: Honeypure
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" The one thing that I will never give up is pursuing my goals. I believe this life that we are given is precious and is given to us to contribute to mankind our talents and our gifts.
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    • "Follow the instructions" would be my title instead!!!
      • My reply to the instruction,"Write a 500-word introduction to the story of your life.
        There are two ways to answer this. The first approach to answer this instruction would be the the beginnings of my autobiography condensed , also I haven't seen any replies at such length. The second approach to answer this would be as instructed. "a 500-word introduction to the story of your life."

      • answered by Honeypure on 01/25/2013
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    • A precious photo
      • The most valuable photograph that I own would be of my father and mother. That photograph has traveled with me since I was born.

      • answered by Honeypure on 01/19/2013
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    • Surreal?
      • A surreal experience to me could be described as an almost real experience or leaving a question in your mind to whether presently you are physically in this situation that you are experiencing. Is it a dajavous? Possibly! Have you ever experienced being at a place or city that you know that you have never been? Is it a dream that seems so vivid that you can't stop thinking about whether what you dreamt is real or a premonition of what is to come to be? I believe most people experience surreal experiences in their lifetimes, and I believe most people have a hard time relating this to other people in their lives because they may be looked at as being "crazy!"

      • answered by Honeypure on 01/18/2013
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