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    • Kyotzeta
      • hello KC Sloan
      • Username: Kyotzeta
      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" Same thing I do on the front, of course! *wiggles cigar Groucho style*
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    • How it should have ended
      • Book was called "Ariel" I think. Read it hundreds of years ago, and never read it again because of the ending, so don't quite remember. Basic plot is barely post apocalyptic world, with magic -slowly- coming back, a boy and his clever, sassy, loyal and loving unicorn companion. They travel around collecting books from libraries, food, etc. Have horrible dangerous adventures, the unicorn has to save his life at almost tinkerbell level consequences...and then the bastard has to fall in lust and sleep with a girl. Thus no more unicorn. But he got the girl, right? Grrrrr. I guess it was an ending, of sorts, and just continuing their adventures and such once they'd beatent the bad guys isn't....but wow, it pissed me off. O'course I was something like 15-16 at the time. I handed it to my mom, rather than throw it away, told her "please do something with this, I'm angry with it" and she knows me so she did...and I went into my room and cried for a good 2 hours. So I don't -know- how it should've ended...but not like that. :(

      • answered by Kyotzeta on 12/16/2012
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    • Java-java-java-java!!!
      • DRINK ME

        Need? Welll... Want? Yes please! Dark Mocha espresso freezie with an extra shot, 32 oz. I am -so- completely addicted to one local drive-thru coffee place. I think I must have spent over $100 a month! *sighs*'s sooo good! Elliano's...if you're in FL and want coffee that tastes like it's from Seattle...or where ever you like coffee from...*giggles*...then you should definitely look them up. The only time I've had a better "coffee slushie" was in Oregon, on the coast. And this is -almost- that good...

      • answered by Kyotzeta on 03/21/2012
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    • Big-eyed fairy tattoo? Yes, please!
      • I'm 2 yrs. late for mine. I swore to have a tattoo before 40. Not so much. If it was free? I'd so jump on that. I want something that is so typical and banal and girly/silly it makes tattoo artists cross their eyes. I've seen it. *giggles*

        My favorite artist, Jasmine Becket-griffith, makes the most awesomely creepy/beautiful fairies and dragons and such. I want one of her fairies.

        I even bought the flash for just needs a few touches to make it

        Large pink-and-black leopard print ears instead of the buns...take off her other ears...and make her tights the same print as her ears. Oh, and a tail to match, curling around and ending up in her hands, on her lap.

        And if it was free, I could have it as big as I want it! Double fist sized, under my right front. What? What's the point in putting it somewhere I can't see it? ;p

        And yeah, obviously, I'd keep it. *g*

      • answered by Kyotzeta on 03/21/2012
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    • 10 Things I'm (almost) Certain Of
      • murphys law

        Hrrrm. This one is difficult. Absolute certainty implies trust in continuation of said certainty...and I don't have that capacity. *shrugs* So let's go with 10 things I trust most...

        1) A person is awesome...people can be a p.i.t.a. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. More people equals less's some kind of rule.

        2) Murphy's law, and all its myriad and far reaching corollaries.

        3) The Media, as an entity, is insane. To the point of suicide. Seriously.

        4) I am frightened of the next 10 yrs.

        5) It's sometimes ok to dislike children under 10, especially relatives...just never, ever, ever let them know it. Or anyone else. Hard won wisdom.

        6) Magic is real. Both personal and at large, in the world. With enough will, you can -be- the big enough lever.

        7) There are fewer and fewer people alive today who know why pushing buttons on a cellphone is called "dialing". ;p

        8) Stuff expands to fit the available space...i.e. the bigger your bag, the more stuff you carry. No one carries a giant purse or backpack or laptop bag with 3 or 4 little things rattling around inside it. Works for homes, cars, brains...well, that last isn't so bad. *g*

        9) Found family can be better than "real" family.

        10) I write far, far, far too much.

      • answered by Kyotzeta on 03/21/2012
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