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      • hello Anna Jae
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      • In response to: "What was the comfort food you enjoyed most growing up?" Watered down day-old rice and pickles. I believe I could be the only one in the world right now to say that "rice in the water ham and pickle" is my comfort food. How can anyone relate?
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    • Old Korean Superstition
      • I am very superstitious, or at least when I view my child self I was. When I was a kid my mother laughed at me and told me that superstitions were silly. Then I asked her if Koreans had any unique ones.

        Her answer: "Waking up with a spider dangling over you head means good fortune, luck or money--something like that."

        My response: "Oh! So that's why you never kill spiders when I scream for you to get rid of them?"

        She walked off.

      • answered by LesYeuxSans on 01/30/2013
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    • A Great Day at Whidby Island
      • It's better to let go and go on that trip yourself!!

        I just experienced a perfect Sunday. One of many but it tops my list to date. My dog and I woke up early and we went out for a long drive--a loop through Whidby Island starting at Mukilteo Ferry and ending at Deception Pass. It was a great day for Gallery Studio tours, Wine Tasting, and Dog Park Hopping. What made it even better is that I spent only $30 for gas and a couple tastings. I am grateful that I did not stay in weeping over disappointment and lost connection--I went on the day trip myself!

      • answered by LesYeuxSans on 10/08/2012
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    • One vs. Many
      • Tibbettibaba

        That depends on what a soul mate is and if the question regards only one pair of soul mates. If so, then not really, but I consider as long as someone believes that they have a soul then they may come across many "soul" mates. The one and only pair is too trivial but unfortunately we often seek out the one and only and forget the investment we have in each other.

      • answered by LesYeuxSans on 08/09/2012
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