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    • MamaCat
      • hello Patricia
      • Username: MamaCat
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I am a bit of a ditz.
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    • Thank the Lord
      • Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

      • answered by MamaCat on 11/03/2013
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    • Practice makes perfect
      • I would love to sing or at least be able to carry a tune in a voice that is passably pleasant.

      • answered by MamaCat on 10/08/2013
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    • A great teacher, 1-2-3
      • 1. A love of life and the world around them.
        2. A curious and inquisitive mind with a devotion to learning.
        3 .A love of people and the desire to help their students be the best they can be.

      • answered by MamaCat on 10/07/2013
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    • Home is in my heart...
      • Home to me is the place that is my sanctuary. A place that is safe and secure. A place of quiet and peace where I am restored and renewed. A place where I open the door only to those who share my heart. A place where hate is unknown and love is above all else.

        I would not choose a nomads life but if it was forced upon me I could live it knowing that my true home is in my heart and travels with me wherever I go.

      • answered by MamaCat on 07/27/2013
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