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      • hello Kristen Long
      • Username: MsKristenLong
      • In response to: "If you could be a member of any band, what would it be?" I would love to be a member of a rock band, like Evanescence. I would probably dye my hair dark, maybe not black but dark brown again, and actually learn how to use make-up properly for smokey eyes.
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    • Idyllic
      • This is a topic that I’ve thought a lot about since I first started looking for places to live permanently. I came up with my top eight cities that I could live near based on certain community features using Coldwell Banker ‘Best Places to Live‘.

        After selecting which is more your style – Suburbanite or Social Seeker – you can get a basic list of top cities in those categories once you select a state. OR using the Lifestyle Search there are areas of consideration [Hip & Trendy, A+ Schools, Transit, Price, Art & Music, Amenities, Fresh Air vs. Times Square, and Fairways] that you rate on a scale of importance [slightly to very]. You must choose the state you’re interested in looking in and can narrow down to county and/or nearby metro, but that’s not required.

        The best site though is called Find Your Spot, which covers a broad range of topics and narrows down your location and choices to create a large list of places for you to browse through. Downside – you have to create an account.

        weather & climate – Do you like cold, snowy winters? Hot, humid summers?
        culture – museums, zoos, theaters & performances.
        school, health, & travel – public or private? Need a big hospital? Major nearby airports a must?
        great outdoors – beach, camping, fishing, mountain biking, etc.
        location, location, location: small, medium or large city? are crime rates important? pick a region of the US to consider as well as general geography types you want to avoid.
        demographics – local organizations, high Spanish speaking community, LGBT support, etc.
        religion – how important is it to have it in your community?
        housing – target housing cost, rental rates, and taxes.

        Using this criteria for me definitely narrowed down my results to help pick a city for me to live in. I want a Suburban-Urban location in either Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Texas, Washington, or Tennessee. Average cost for a nice house should be no more than $350,000. Rentals – max $1300/month for a house or $900 for a large 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. I love sun and warmth so having a mild climate would be nice, but I’ve lived in all types of weather and can adapt.

        As far as activities go, I don’t really do nightclubs but that would be fun to try. Movie theaters are a must. Museums would be nice to check out but not a necessity. Outdoorsy things would be fun, like nearby hiking, biking, camping, etc., but could be a couple hours drive away. Traveling is big in my life so access to a major airport is kinda important. Having a big hospital nearby is big also because that’s where I want to work! Crime should be low in the area I live, I want to feel safe. A community college should be close by to take classes for advancing my degree. A university would be nice but there are lots of online programs to choose from.

        That’s pretty much it for my ideal place to live! It’s pretty broad but in short I want a nice place in a suburb of a metropolitan city. One day when I settle down it’ll happen but for now I’ll keep checking out the places for potential schools and living locations.

      • answered by MsKristenLong on 03/27/2013
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    • All grown up?
      • Probably when I had first moved out by myself back in 2009. In the town I currently live my parents had bought a house during one of our [military] tours in 1994. The last time I had been in the area I was a kid, but my dad and I had come up the year prior to get an idea of how the house looked (there were renters in at the time) and to re-familiarize myself with the area. At the time we were living in Maryland and I was debating about where I wanted to go after I finished nursing school (I was still in the RN program at the time), Michigan in the old house was one of my options.

        Well plans changed and I decided [with the help of my parents] that I would move to Michigan. It was a free place to live while I saved up some money and got a decent job. I’ll admit I’m a pretty lazy person. Even though I lived by myself I didn’t do dishes very often, laundry was done infrequently (and I’m still like that), wine was my favorite drink for dinners (some I’d cook myself, most I’d get take-out on the way to or from work), but it was great! I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, and come back home to chill. It didn’t take long for me to get lonely though, even with talking to my parents every week, so I adopted some furry friends who I now think of as my kids - Casper and Bella.

      • answered by MsKristenLong on 03/18/2013
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    • Seven days....
      • For the next seven days, starting tomorrow (Friday to Friday), I would probably take a vacation to a warm, sunny location – like San Diego, California.

        I would rent a vacation home for the week and visit some of the sights that I didn’t get to the first time I was there in 2010. Maybe a mini trip to LA and Hollywood would take place, a couple days at Disneyland spent, or just driving up the coast with the roof down on my rented convertible car.

        I definitely need a break from school and work…

      • answered by MsKristenLong on 03/17/2013
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    • Ch-ch-ch-ch changes!
      • It depends on what type of change it is.

        Moving across town? Incrementally.
        Moving out of state? All at once.
        Cleaning my room? Incrementally.
        Changing jobs? Incrementally.
        Going to the gym? Incrementally.
        Blogging? All at once.
        Going back to school? Incrementally.
        Relationships? All at once. Incrementally. Cold Turkey.

        So I guess the sum of the story is I do almost everything incrementally. I like to stay organized while the change is going on, and I have to be in the right mind set to work on these tasks otherwise I’ll lose interest and give up quickly. I would also rather take my time and do things the right way otherwise my OCD will kick in as well and I get frustrated.

      • answered by MsKristenLong on 03/14/2013
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    • Writing room
      • Wow… this could be a semi-long post. I have many ideas for this ‘perfect reading and writing space’, and it would look something like this:

        It would include a large open window to easily view the elements and let in natural light. A cozy single-seat chair with a matching ottoman is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves add to the ideal library/reading room and could hold hundreds of books.

        This looks like the best spot to get a bit of reading or writing done that will be quiet and relaxing. One day I’ll add this slice of heaven to my [future] home and use it daily.

      • answered by MsKristenLong on 03/14/2013
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