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      • In response to: "If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?" Unravel by Bjork
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    • Me and My Girlfriend
      • Possessions, it feels odd writing about them. They are so insignificant to the bigger picture of life. Maybe I'm only saying that to head off the idea that I care deeply about things, rather than people. No matter, I'll answer the question anyway. What "things" sum up who I am?

        Well, for the last few years my computer has been a surrogate best-friend. She and I are like opposites, chained at the wrist, running from the not-so-great aspects of life. We write together, we chat together, we make silly videos and snap goofy pictures together, but we are nothing alike. She's effortlessly smart, I have to work at it. She has a photographic memory, I can barely remember the last sentence I wrote. It takes a few thing getting hacked before she'll tell a secret, me...after a few glasses of wine, I've been prone to spill a few. But there's something about she and I, maybe it's that without her, I would have never reinvested myself in the art of storytelling. I would have never taken my life-long interests and hobbies to the next level. I would have never indulged my passions beyond flirts of fancy.

        I owe a lot to her and in a few short years she has helped me become the woman that I am today.

        My other possessions don't matter, because they are too few to count and don't really lend much to my day-to-day life or being. Maybe that's not an answer, maybe it's cheating. I guess she and I are indeed the defiant ones.

      • answered by Noelani on 12/05/2012
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    • I Like it here Just Fine, Thank you.
      • Yes, I feel very comfortable being a citizen of the 21st Century. Knowing what I do about times past, I could not see myself living in any other era. Although I appreciate the merits of hard labor, I'm not the person to do it. I'm also not keen on living by the lamplight, unless it's in a romance novel. Did I mention, I'm not into living off the land...or tending to it. Let's just say, I prefer my hoes in bad music videos. No, I like the overindulgent comforts and freedoms a 21st Century world provides. I wouldn't give that up for almost...anything.

      • answered by Noelani on 12/05/2012
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    • If only Xmas were Free, it would be for me!
      • I love the fact that I get to see my sister on the Holidays, we have so much fun reconnecting and catching up on things going on in our lives. My least favorite thing about the holidays is all the consumerism...especially when I'm broke, which for the past couple of years has been every Xmas.

      • answered by Noelani on 12/01/2011
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    • The Alaskan
      • "Professor Austin said it was a dog," The Deputy said, pushing back the hood of his parka.

        "Well, the professor needs to go back to school--look at that thing--shit! Better get it over to the vet before it starts stinking up the place," The Sheriff replied.

        "Too late," said The Deputy as he bent down to take a closer look. He cupped a hand over his nose, angling his head toward The Sheriff.

        "Alright, zip em' up and I'll meet you back at the station in about an hour. Gonna grab lunch."

        "How can you eat after 'this'?" asked The Deputy, grabbing a black cadaver bag that lay atop a small mound of the snow nearby.

        "I have a stomach of steel. Besides--" The Sheriff started to say, when he noticed something move over The Deputy's shoulder."Fucken, Christ!" he yelled.

        "What?" The Deputy asked, his eyebrows drawing inward. His eyes moved to the Sheriff's hand, now shaking as he reached for his weapon. He turned back to the carcass.

        The scent of gunpowder filled the air as the Deputy hit the ground.

      • answered by Noelani on 07/17/2010
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