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      • hello Nan Wilson
      • Username: Nrwilson
      • In response to: "What is the one thing you consistently spill on yourself?" I constantly dribble pasta sauce down the front of myself. I've tried the "smaller bites" strategy but it's still a rare event to make it through a linguine meal.
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    • Dear Readers from a Rambling Soul
      • Dear Readers,
        I think it's hard to know who I am or where I'm coming from by reading my blog. Sometimes I use prompts from Plinky or Wordpress to get the words flowing. Regardless, whether I have help with the subject or it's just my own rambling, Creation of the Day does have an audience it's aiming towards. My ramblings have a strong bent toward spiritual people who want to share thee musings of their soul. Sometimes my heart is stirred to make an attempt to write about the beauty of our being and other times it just does that rambling I mentioned. No matter what the subject or the intention of the post, it is my hope that the thoughts briefly touch my readers.
        Blessings to all,

      • answered by Nrwilson on 11/12/2012
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    • A Way to Enrich Your Life
      • I started my blog because I wanted to write about the world that overwhelms my senses and to practice my writing. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to write. I've found a few other places to practice, so I haven't posted much lately. As of today, I am recommitting myself to write every (well, realistically, most every) day. If I could change just one person's view of the physical and spiritual beauty of the home God gave us. if I could change one person's belief that with practice and faith she could do anything she'd been dreaming of then my blog will serve a blessed purpose. God and I wish you the best of luck.

      • answered by Nrwilson on 11/11/2012
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    • To Love and Be Loved
      • Love

        Ten years from today... God's presence always, a strong self esteem with love and respect for myself, at least four grandchildren, long days of meaning filled retirement, a two week cruise at least once a year, good and loving friends, weekly Sunday dinner with the kids and grandkids, daily exercise that I actually enjoy, the ability to just "let things go", a marriage that has survived all the junk and is the most important thing in my life, to be depression free, to have two knees that function without pain, to have the devoted companionship of dogs, to have hours and hours to read, to be a healthy weight. A stream of consciousness with the order of importance not considered but I know that most of all, ten years from now I want to love and be loved.

      • answered by Nrwilson on 10/11/2012
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    • I remember you and...
      • Envelopes

        Twenty five letters in twenty five days. Say Thank You. Describe the difference they made in your life. Reconnect after many years. It wasn't my idea but when I read it I knew it was meant for me. The recipients ranged from former professors to employment mentors to "long lost" friends to my parents.

        The responses varied. One husband letting me know that my supervising teacher during my student teaching had passed away a few years ago. Her husband was sure the letter would have touched her. Letters in return. Most expressing gratitude for being thought of so highly and many describing the positive impact I had on their life. Not a word of acknowledgment from my mother but a loving, emotional discussion with my father. And, of course, no response from the majority. I didn't write the letters for a response. I wrote them to express their influence on my soul. Each one individualized and carefully crafted so they would read respect and even a little love. Definitely one of the most uplifting experiences of my life.

        I recommend you try it and let me know about your experience.

      • answered by Nrwilson on 10/10/2012
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