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      • hello Linda Adams
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      • In response to: "Who are you?" So liberal that I make most conservatives cry. Have many friends of all politics, races, socio-economic backgrounds,nationalities. Charitable, loving, open-minded, procratinator, late, sense of humor
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      • Ah, what bring out my competitive streak? A game? Puzzle? Races? Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer? No, not really, not even a little. BUT, something that does make we want to win, brings mind, body and soul into sync is any issue concerning what I believe to be Human Rights. Women's Rights? Yes! Equal Opportunity? Right on! Gay Marriage? You betcha. I am a one woman band when it comes to allowing human beings their rights. Am I an idealist? Yes. At times unrealistic? For sure. But, I want every human being to have whatever it is that the constitution, law and their consciences dictate -- Rights for humans is a formidable competitive forum. You would be surprised how many persons don't support equal rights, marriage for gays, women's equality or rights for dads concerning child custody. One could not imagine how much fight, strategy and follow throught it requies to take on a case when there are people, groups, organizations and money competiting against your views on these important social matters. Depending upon your color or ethnic background, people can believe you should think one way and are very disturbed if you do not. You can lose your job or position if you voice your opinion (and it is opposite of a popular or social feeling/belief of the day); you can have friends and relatives turn against you, be labelled crazy and dumb, and realize that your life would be better if you gave up the cause and lost the "game." I don't give on my beliefs, nor do I force them down someones throat. It is important to "play" with finesse and just winning one round does not mean the intensity of the game is over. It could just be round one and the points may not be in your favor live in boxing. In dealing with issues of human rights for human beings the game is lifelong and winning is not always the option. Sometimes just being in the game is competitively exhausting and yet exhillariating at the same time. But when you do win, ah what sweetness deep down inside, what a feeling of not just beating the opponent, but the feeling of having done something for society, mankind, peace and love. Honey-coated you say? Maybe. Pie in the sky? At times. Not as satisfying as other games? Not true at all. The type of competitive sportmanship that this game takes to survive, much less win, is something devine and tasty, The feeling of convincing, converting and having acceptance (even against your opponents will), is not privy to a score that would be considered winning. There is a deep satisfaction and sigh of relief, but there are always enought human rights issues to address so the game never ends. Do you hear me? The competition never, ever ends! The competitive streak/edge continues forever.

      • answered by PeaceOut41250_ on 04/01/2013
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      • ACT I: If she only knew he would stop drinking; they could be together, forever, happier than any other people in the world. ACT II: Ah, he stopped drinking because I made him, but now he never talks, he is sullen, quiet, edgy. Why can he just act normal? ACT III:He's drinking again, why can't he stop? Doesn't he love me? Doesn't he want our life together? We're perfedt. Why is he so angry, depressed? I am so good to him, I do everything! Why doesn't he see how great our life can be? ACT IV: He came home again drunk! I want to kill myself; I can't live like this; I can't stop crying; shouting. I feel like I am going crazy, head spinning. I'm okay, i'm okay. ACT V: How did I get here? I should be able to fix things. I keep trying. He keeps drinking. I'm on a merry-go-round, I'm sick of living this way, feeling so bad, pretending everything is okay so know one knows about it. ACT VI: There must be something I can do. I know; we'll talk tonight and I'll make him see my way, tell him I have cancer, or I'm pregnant, he'll have to straighten up then. He can't drink and have a baby or help me through chemo! He's really a good man, he'll be better. When he sees what a good person I am, that I don't go anywhere or do anything except for or with him. ACT VII: He pushed me today after our talk. I slipped and fell on the floor and hit my face, I'm all buised. He didn't mean it. He cried after and said he was sorry, I am so sad, but things will get better, he just brought me a cup of tea. ACT VIII: Things have been so good since I fell, He's behaving, He really loves me! ACT IX: He didn't come home last night. I was beside myself, I waited up all night worrying; maybe he had a car accident or someone robbed him. I can't go to work (again), I have to wait to see if he is okay. ACT X: Of course the bastard is okay, He told me to get off his back! Where he was, well it was none of my business! He called me a nosy bitch! I'm not going to take this anymore, I've had it! I don't care if he loves me or not, I'm leaving. I'm leaving as soon as I save up some money! I probably won't pay the bills...I'm sick and tired of his shit. It's over and I mean it! I better get dinner started before he gets upset again...he dosen't know but its really over. I'll make stir fry, he loves that; he'll be sorry when I leave, I'll make him pay, It's over. I wonder if he needs a clean shirt for tomorrow. He'll see, he can't do anything without me. After dinner, I'll clean up and when he want's sex, I'll do it, but I'm gonna be cold. He'll see. It's over.

      • answered by PeaceOut41250_ on 12/03/2012
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      • The type of procrastination that I have practiced most of my life, leaves a relatively health person debilitated -- incapable of doing what is needed to be done in their best interest.


        Story of my life; all things slide to the bottom of the mountain in my universe. Gnaw is the perfect word for the parts of my brain that allow things (mostly bills) to become late, later, latest. It would be nice to have a free brain, to have no mountain, to maintain a pleasant pasture where I could lay, free, at ease, to repair the gnawed parts of my brain, to be within a normal range where the brain only has a few teeth marks, a bite, no gnawing, gnawing, gnawing. Oh the inhumanity of it all.

      • answered by PeaceOut41250_ on 11/30/2012
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