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      • hello Savana Christman
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      • In response to: "What is the one thing you consistently spill on yourself?" The most frustrating thing is spilling something on myself. But worse then that is spilling something extremely hot. Some how i always manage do drop large cups of hot chocolate on myself. I hate it!
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    • Your time to shine
      • I am a night owl. Nothing irks me more than waking up at some awful time in the morning to get ready to do something that I probable don’t really want to do. The night time is always so much better and adventurous. What is there to do in the morning? Get coffee? NO. Sleep. Night is for adventure, and unknown, and experiences. Sure you can’t be out late. However you can still have crazy memories with your friends just sitting on your couch or even on your porch. I have never been one of those people that go to bed early and get up early. It’s not in my nature because both of my parents have been night owls so we stay up all night and sleep all day. Trust me, anytime you can walk by our house and there is probably a light on. Night is magical. It holds wonder. Morning is boring, it holds peace.

      • answered by Savana on 05/20/2013
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    • Person, place, thing
      • A person: To my left the light glistens on medium length, honey suckle hair. Immediately my eyes are drawn to the golden brown rings around her pupils, then the colors lighten outward morphing in to a gold rod color, and dramatically dropping into an emerald green pool of beauty. The identity-less girl’s fair skin is freckled randomly with angel kisses, the brown dots a trademark for most light skinned young girls. She types quietly contemplating her next choice of action, critically analyzing her surroundings. Headphones dangle ready on her side for when she is ready to immerse herself into a world of mystery and meaning. She glances over with a calculating look, and then jumps back into the world of words, letting all her thoughts spill onto the page.
        A place: Click. Click. Click. Excited fingertips dance across the keyboards, their owner eager to record their thoughts. Voices rise and fall as they discuss the past weekend’s events. Computer screens glisten as their paths are directed into a vast pool of knowledge. The clock on the wall to my right ticks away, holding all in suspense for the future. The TV in the top right corner of the class reflects the faces of all the students, some of which working, others day dreaming. Mouse’s mimic the noises their pals the keyboards make adding a personal touch. Click, swoosh, click.
        A thing: Stitched, tan, elegant. The strange piece of clothing sits silently awaiting the owners touch. The small indent on top adds the character it craves, followed swiftly by the other decorations. Dark brown and light brown, a belt braided intricately adorns the hat, following its shape all the way around its perimeter, followed then by the buckle on the side. The bridge of the hat pulls out from the center and slightly pulls up in the back.

      • answered by Savana on 04/29/2013
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    • Which season?
      • The season I tend to look forward to the most is always summer. This year, summer seems to be more important to me since it’s the last summer of high school. Why is it that everyone loves summer so much? There are a few reasons why the season appeals to me greatly. First are the memories. Ever since I was little, summer always held the positive connotation of happiness. Everyone always has a great time in the summer. It’s a time where relaxing is okay, and stress is almost nonexistent for school kids. Second is the weather. When you live in Colorado, the forecast seems to more bipolar then consistent. In the summer you can almost always count on the fact that we WILL have hot days and warm nights. There’s another one, summer nights, Mysterious, dark warm pieces of existence that hold so much surprise and adventure. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to worry. No school the next day to dread, no curfew that is important to follow, just fun. Safety is more important, but letting loose is a necessity. Summer is the last chance that anyone has to be a kid, so hopefully everyone learns to take advantage of it.

      • answered by Savana on 04/22/2013
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    • All grown up?
      • There has been a few times where I felt like it was important to be grown up and that’s all that I wanted. However that feeling quickly changed once I actually felt grown up for the first time. The moment where I actually felt grown up was when I walked through my high school in Fife Washington. Once you walked through the tall gates to the court yard there were cheerleaders everywhere offering you tours and giving you as much advice as they could offer. The schools foot traffic is mostly focused outside due to the fact that walking outside to get to every class is a must. Three different buildings were enclosed in giant red gates where we were expected to stay all 6 hours of the day. Upon arrival I felt a sense of nervousness. I was in high school I couldn’t believe that was actually an obtainable place to be. When the cheerleaders were giving me the tour they showed me to my locker, my only thought was “Gee great a bottom locker for the fourth year in a row.” I got to see all the people who I missed the year before since they moved schools. However I was shaking from how scared I was. Finally, the time that I actually knew I was old was when I started to drive. The first drive completely alone was extremely surreal. The only sound was the radio and I was so focused that when I got out of the care I couldn’t feel my hands, mostly because of how tight I was clenching the steering wheel. All of these experiences are so bitter sweet, but I expect graduation to be the hardest because that when you know that you are no longer a kid.

      • answered by Savana on 04/01/2013
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    • Which city?
      • If I was able to visit any place right now I would chose to travel to Amarillo Texas and visit my family I have not seen in about 3 years. When I was little, we were always finding an excuse to take the daunting 7 hour drive to reach the most loving place I have ever known. My nana, great uncles, cousins and family friends live in this unique little town notorious for being the largest in the Texas panhandle. However it has been years since I have actually been able to visit where my family resides because my nana passed away. It was about 4 years ago that I made the horrifying trip down to this pocket of Texas in order to attend her funeral and visit with some family. Since then it has always been a hard subject to bring up in my house, mostly because we were living in Washington. Now, my cousin is getting married in July and I am extremely excited to go down there and visit my family. Mostly because when we all get together it’s always a lot of fun. This summer I’m looking forward most to the freshly cooked brisket, chocolate pie, and iced glasses of lemonade or Dr. Pepper to enjoy around a fire with my family.

      • answered by Savana on 03/19/2013
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