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      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" dreaming
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    • Unconventional, impossible and absolutely unreal Love.
      • Everything is simple and complicated at the same time. I love a man from another country, another culture, language, age and religion. He's famous, surrounded by admirers and friends. I'm ordinary, lost in life and stupid relations. He's wise and patient, I'm fussy and madcap. He's my all, I'm his nothing. This feeling to him can't be described in words. No fears or depression, no demands or claims. I'm just waiting for something (for his word maybe), and will wait as long as it's needed. Every evening the stars pass him my love and strength. Everything I want in this world is he'd be happy and successful. A very widespread situation I think.

      • answered by StacyV on 05/23/2013
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    • A joke from my friend.
      • A priest, a rabbi, and a vicar walk into a pub. The barman says, ‘Is this some kind of joke?'

      • answered by StacyV on 05/23/2013
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    • idealizing and mood swings
      • oh, yes, this world is not perfect, but it's so simple not to notice all the wrong things around and continue to believe everythig's brilliant! So easy to forget the wounds and forgive the actions, to be sure everyone deserves the best and be winged and inspired by whatever is around.

        But the Happy period ends up and the heart bleeds. Pain and frustration comes in replace. No ways out, no hopes, no aims...

        and... these two periods are circulating with the speed of the light or so.

        and...I'm not mad. I'm Aries.

      • answered by StacyV on 05/01/2013
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    • Earworm
      • Honestly, it's "Fionnghuala" by John McGlynn of Anuna. It impresses me greatly by the rhythm and the mood John sings it. If you love Ireland and everything that's connected with this country and culture, you should definitely listen to Anuna and John as a solo singer and guitar player!

        One day they'll conquer the World!

      • answered by StacyV on 04/30/2013
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