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      • hello Borce Ancevski
      • Username: TheKidBaski
      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" I'm northern California's largest distributer of ecstasy.
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    • My 250
      • I now have about 10 minutes to write this post. I've been trying to get back into checking this daily, but I must admit I've not been doing a great job of it. But, nevertheless, here I am and this is my sort of semi-comeback. The topic I would like to write about is coffee - for most people who know me even just slightly know that I am a bit of a coffee fiend. Not in a very addicted sort of way, but there are those who would argue that fact. I genuinely enjoy coffee of all flavors - with cream, with sugar, with cream and sugar, black...there is something about having a hot drink within a cool temperature that just can't be beat. I also continue to argue the fact that I am receiving my water consumption for the day whilst drinking my coffee. Again, there are those who will argue against that...and yet I persevere in my joy of having a cup or three per day. I've also managed to keep my coffee consumption in check. I used to NEED coffee almost at all times throughout the day - just having a cup with coffee in it would be good enough. Now though, I am able to sustain longer periods without it. I hope that everyone gives coffee a chance because they really don't know what they're missing out on.

        I actually don't have time to write 500 words so this is actually about 250 and am content with what's been produced.

      • answered by TheKidBaski on 12/06/2012
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    • Pizza!
      • Supreme Pizza

        I've pondered this many times before and fortunately, I've come up with an answer: supreme pizza. I could easily eat this every single day. Since the question asks what type of food I guess I'd say just pizza which makes it even better since then I can have different kinds, but I can definitely eat supreme pizza on a daily basis. Plus, if made properly it can be healthy too!

      • answered by TheKidBaski on 07/29/2012
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    • My Favorite Park is Actually a Beach!
      • I don't but if I could substitute park for beach then my answer would be yes. There is a great beach near me that is fairly isolated and isn't convenient to get to, which is why I prefer going there. There are fewer people on the beach which makes finding a spot to sit easier and also the beach itself is separated in a way by large groups of rocks. It's a very quiet beach next to the pier and is definitely my go-to spot.

      • answered by TheKidBaski on 05/15/2012
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    • I do (so to speak)
      • I actually do. I can't comprehend why some people feel like it's their place to tell others what they can or cannot do, like get married. I understand that many people believe that marriage is holy and it's only for a man and a woman, but the thing is not everything feels that way and not only that religion is not obligatory in our country, or the world for that matter. Relgion is important to a great many people but it is not mandatory; it is something that you accept and believe in on your terms. Just because you believe that marriage is one thing doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right thing or the only thing. You don't have to get married "under God." Marriage is a legal process that is taken care of at court. Many people still have a traditional and old fashioned way of thinking and the reality is that the world is evolving faster than ever before and things are becoming more widely accepted than ever before. Honestly, eventually all these older people who are voting against gay marriage and all things conservative are gonna die off and it'll only be the newer generations who grew up with gay friends and gay parents and they won't be able to comprehend how there was a day not too long ago when people didn't allow gay marriage.

      • answered by TheKidBaski on 05/10/2012
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    • Over-Easy!
      • It really depends on my mood, but my usual method is over easy or medium, depending on if I overcook them. This way when I'm eating the eggs the yolk will spill out and I'll be able to dip my toast in it! That is truly the best part!

      • answered by TheKidBaski on 05/05/2012
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