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      • I have lots of favorites, so let me talk about this one favorite person of mine.
        He's a lot of things. Ever since his coming he's lit me up and of course there have been some cold showers too but whenever he's around there's warmth.
        I won't mention his name but he's been my best friend for quite sometime, the only person after God with whom I share everything, at least I have nothing to hide from. He knows how to put me down when I'm smiling sometimes and when I'm down he can bring me up, he's always been there for me and his very existence is a joy I cannot express. I haven't been the best to him but he's still tolerant. He's my person and with him around I feel happy and without him, I may live but there's this emptiness that I experienced when he'd gone away for sometime. People are born alone and they die alone but he's the person who'll never make me alone.
        I love him and he's for keeps.
        300 words is not enough and if I write more then I'd never end so my favorite person must exist and he does.:=)

      • answered by ToniK on 11/19/2012
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