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      • hello Zack R
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      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" I play sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • My Community in an Alternate Universe
      • In an alternate universe I would be a king. I would not be a dictator though. I would be generous to the people and give them fair trials and all of the similar things that Americans have today. The only thing I wouldn't let the citizens do is decide on national issues and not have a congress and everything. I would have a person from each region that talks to citizens and tells me what they want. If it is reasonable then I would do anything in my power to have it taken care of.

        Reasonable to me would be anything that couldn't harm the country. There is an example of this: if a citizen didn't like a religion and requested it to be illegal then I wouldn't do that. I would however try and find a compromise between the two groups and fix it that way. My government is much like how the United States is but I wouldn't leave it up to all of the rich people who had life handed to them. I would leave it up to the citizens and veto decisions if necessary.

        I would be like a club leader. I would only be there to make sure that everything stays together and functions as it is supposed to. I would let the club or citizens vote on what to do. However if it could harm the community then I would veto it. Therefor the citizens have the ruling of what to do with the country unless it is unreasonable.

      • answered by ZackR on 02/20/2013
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    • How I Learn
      • First I would watch someone to it. After that I would try to do it myself and if that doesn't work then I would have them describe it as they go through it. Basically I would try it first and then if I couldn't do it get instruction on how to do it.

      • answered by ZackR on 02/20/2013
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