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    • Top 5 Films
      • Not in any particular order:
        An American in Paris
        Gallipoli (can't watch it again though- makes me too sad)
        101 Dalmatians (original animated)
        The Year of Living Dangerously

      • answered by alben on 05/24/2012
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    • I'm Working Up the Courage to...
      • People Look out - clear the way! I still don't drive - in the 5th decade of my life. Total irrational fear that could lose me my current job. I am working on it, but I may be too nervous behind the wheel.

      • answered by alben on 09/08/2011
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    • Incompatible with Online Dating
      • I have used a service - well tried anyway. I filled out the questionnaire and it back "no matches at this time" and advised me to try again in a few days. I did and still not matches. I actually did that four times before any matches were found. I tried for several months but no one struck me as some one I'd like to chat with, let alone date. Does that prove that I am a freak or that I chose the wrong service?

      • answered by alben on 06/27/2011
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