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    • Dear 100-year-old me
      • Dear Idiot,

        I hope you're well. I addressed this to "Idiot" because I'm assuming (and somewhat hoping) that you still are one. I'm not gonna get all cheesy and crap, but I hope you're happy with your life. I hope you lived it well and to it's fullest. I hope you climbed a thousand mountains, metaphorically or not. I hope you found love and went to Paris on your honeymoon. I hope you write her poems everyday and leave them around for her to find. I hope you have kids. Lots of kids. You used to want 6 of them, remember? The first one better be named Juliet Marie. Well....bye, I guess. Good luck?

        Your (recently) 17 year old self

      • answered by alexojai on 01/19/2013
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    • A precious photo
      • The edges were frayed and the picture was covered in dirty fingerprints, but I didn't care. It was still him. It was still my dad. I've never met him before. All I know is that he had to leave when a was a baby. I like to think that he left for a reason, and not just because he didn't love me or mamma. His name is Henry, same as me . I don't know anything else about him. In the picture, he's standing, tall and strong. He has the same nose as me: a bit too big at the tip and too narrow in the middle. I wonder what he was like. I hope he was a good man, like the one I know I'm gonna be.

      • answered by alexojai on 01/19/2013
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