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      • In response to: "What is the one thing you consistently spill on yourself?" coffee. It nearly always leads to an inevitable change of clothes.
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    • The Joy of Eavesdropping
      • I absolutely love eavesdropping on other people in public places! I know it's a rather rude habit, but I can't help it! It's a family thing really. My mum and gran do it too.
        Don't you think it's fascinating to hear what other people do in their lives? It's kind of like cinema or radio but in real life. You get to hear the craziest stories, the most banal experiences or sometimes even a little wisdom that you may one day be able to use in your own life.
        I always start to imagine the life of the person talking. Do they have kids, what does their apartment look like or maybe they rather own a house. Are they rather a cat or a dog person?
        I very firmly believe that the little things in life matter most. Overhearing a funny story can brighten my day immensely and occasionally has even started an interesting conversation.

      • answered by amonstersmidnightrun on 11/03/2012
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    • Musing on November
      • November makes me think of fog, scarves, hot tea, the cold and Christmas. Is it wired that November is connected with Christmas in my head? In all of the stores there are ornaments and all kinds of different decorations. I personally think that November is great! The days get darker and it gets colder and I'm usually looking forward to Christmas. In my life, looking forward to Christmas is so much better than the actual Christmas itself.
        I guess it's time November came, because October and December are so stressful, November is kind of the calm between the storms.

      • answered by amonstersmidnightrun on 11/03/2012
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