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    • "I'm Like the Supreme Court"
      • Instead of answering this question, I am going to explain why I am NOT answering it.

        There are certain questions to which I will respond: "I am like the Supreme Court."

        I don't answer "what if" questions - and questions about the future pretty much all fall into that category because we don't know what the future will bring.

        For example, someone will ask, "What would you do if [insert some terrible act] happened?"

        I can't say.

        First, I can't say what I'd do because what I think I would do if it happened right this minute may very well be different than what I would do if it happened next week or next year. People - and circumstances - change.

        Also, I don't really know what I would do. I may think I know what I would do, but when faced with the actual [insert terrible act], I may disappoint myself with my response. Or, I may amaze myself with my response.

        I couldn't even begin to contemplate a question like today's. How can I know what I will be thinking about? The thoughts passing through my mind if I were on my deathbed will be influenced by my age, the reason I am on my deathbed (natural causes, bad luck, malicious intent, etc.) and who's in the room.

        So don't ask me.

        Plus, the whole idea of thinking about my deathbed creeps me out.

      • answered by anotherrunner on 11/15/2012
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    • Haunted Tale
      • The problem with ghost stories

        Door 13 in Alameda

        In 1966, John Pedder, an 18 year old engineer work on board the RMS Queen Mary. During a drill, he was crushed by a watertight door in the Engine Room. The doors are controlled from another part of the ship and close automatically during a drill or actual emergency. Door 13 is now infamous as the door that killed John, whose ghost still haunts the ship.
        When I first read about this haunting, I automatically assumed that Pedder's death was due to his age; 18 year old males are often thrill seekers and risk takers. I assumed that he was screwing around by jumping back and forth over the threshold of the door as it was closing. A subsequent tour of the Queen Mary "Haunted Encounters" tour also suggested that the youth was playing "chicken" at the time of his death.
        That sad part about this tale is that John Pedder's name is forgotten. On the tour, he is referred to only as "Half-Hatch Harry".
        It saddens me that the tragedy of this young man's untimely death is now viewed as entertainment. This man had parents, perhaps siblings, maybe a girlfriend waiting for him in England. His name is forgotten but his death will not be.
        Sadly, the Queen Mary was retired in 1967 - a year after Pedder's death. Had he not been involved in that drill, he would be unemployed but alive when the Queen retired.

      • answered by anotherrunner on 10/31/2012
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    • My Perfect Sunday Morning ...
      • My perfect Sunday morning includes the knowledge that I have the whole day ahead free of appointments, plans or obligations.

        I like to start it off leisurely with coffee and my iPad (no newspapers for me, I'm afraid). Eventually, before the morning gets away from me, I like to go for a little run or do some stretching or strenghtening in our home gym. No noisy, crowded public gyms for me; I have too often caught a cold after visiting one.

        I like to have about an hour to myself, but then my morning is complete when my partner joins me for a cup of coffee.

      • answered by anotherrunner on 10/07/2012
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    • If I Had Six Months to Kill
      • Exercise

        If I had a six month break from work, I would create a daily schedule for myself to make sure I didn't waste that time. I would exercise (weight lifting or hiking or kayaking) and stretch each day, I would work on my novel at least five days a week and I would spend some time trying to learn a foreign language.
        I would take the kid to school each day and I would take the dogs out at least every other day - which some days would include walking the kid to school. She and the little dog love that.
        I would cook dinner every every weeknight.
        I have it all planned out; clearly I'm looking forward to retirement.

      • answered by anotherrunner on 01/06/2012
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    • My Favorite Type of Street Food
      • How to wash your hands

        I don't eat street food.

        There are two reasons for this. As I get older, I find myself more worried about germs and such. I have a horror of people with obvious nasal congestion: Stay home! When I see all these food trucks sprouting up in the last few years, all I can think is that these trucks don't have a restroom. Which means they dont have a sign reminding employees to wash their hands. Ugh.

        The other reason I don't eat street food is because I don't like to eat standing up or on the move. I prefer a little more relaxing atmosphere when I eat.

      • answered by anotherrunner on 01/05/2012
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