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    • Time Travel
      • If i could travel through time i would i would meet my great grandfather when he was 16 and see him get married to my great grandmother. This would be cool because after he did that he was drafted to the domnican army and forced into battle. I suppose i would get drafted if im found and forced to join so if that happens i guess i would leave a perminant stain in time.

      • answered by anthonyapatano on 11/16/2012
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    • Reflecting at the end of Life
      • I would be thinking about life the friends i've made and lost. The changes i could have made for the better. My brother who is my best friend how he would feel about me being gone. The ammount of things that rush thru someones minde before they die must be incredable but at the same time scary. People say that you see your life flash before your eyes before you die i would wonder if thats true. would i even want to watch my life. I would be scared to find out if there is a god i never bealived in it so if there is one but i was a good person what happens to me. I think i would fear the entire expeariance.

      • answered by anthonyapatano on 11/15/2012
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