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      • hello Nicola
      • Username: antisocialnic
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" Being child like, not childish: I can be practical, reliable, resourceful, responsible and mature but I like the silly side of life, I like to be enthusiastic, if I enjoy something I want to show it.
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    • How did you begin writing?
      • I have always wanted to be a writer, I grew up with a love of books instilled in me by my mother's love of reading and my father's natural gift for storytelling. For me, the life of a writer always seemed my idea of glamour. Mind you, my image of the writer was dreamed up when I was very young and has stayed with me; it involves a cottage by the sea, a sleepy dog at my feet, admirers hanging on my every word, dramatic velvets and lots of silver bangles. I know this bears very little resemblance to the truth but I was very young. Writing to me seemed to hold all the excitement that the life of the oscar winner, prima ballerina or rock star had to others.

        From very early on I came to terms with the fact that I am a dabbler, a jack of all trades, master of none. I would love to have a TALENT but I don't. I can do a number of things moderately well. I would love to be a full blown creative type, to be recognised for that special spark that marked me out but unfortunately I don't. I am one of life's plodders. I can hold a tune moderately well but not well enough to be a soloist, I can draw, well copy so the image is recognisable, I can take a dance class and keep up but I hide myself at the back and I can put some phrases together so they make sense but I will never write that novel.

        Over the last few years, there have been some major changes in my life that made me realize that it is Ok to do something you enjoy, even if you are only Ok at it, I am doing this for me and if others can gain something from it too that's a bonus. So I joined a choir, started to learn belly dancing and yoga, bought a ukulele and performed badly in front of 300 children and I discovered the internet (I didn't discover the internet - as in oh look there's the internet but got involved). In this new found world, I looked seriously at blogs and vlogs for the first time and got excited about both. I may not write that novel but I can write something as often as I like, I can share my thoughts and experiences and not worry about character exposition and plot twists. For the first time, I am writing firstly for me and my enjoyment and now a month later I am starting to look for ways of stretching myself in my writing, like reaching that top note or learning the new move, I want to extend my writing range. So when did I begin writing, well writing is something I have always done via assignments, essays, bad teen poetry etc but when did I start WRITING, right about now I think.

      • answered by antisocialnic on 02/15/2013
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