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      • In response to: "What was the comfort food you enjoyed most growing up?" My brother was my designated babysitter when my mother had to work late, which was frequently (it's not easy being a single mom). He made the one dish he knew how to do: Salisbury Steak. Comfort.
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    • Explaining a complicated subject: Muscle Strength
      • How Muscles Gain Strength: When you lift weights, your muscles are working so hard to lift that they actually develop microscopic tears. The body quickly heals these microscopic muscle tears, usually within 24-48 hours. When the muscle heals, the body puts extra muscle tissue on the tears to help reduce the chance of it tearing again. Think of an envelope you want to make sure stays closed in the mail. First you seal the envelope with your spit or water. Then you add tape on top of the seal to be extra careful it doesn't open. Your body is adding extra tape to your muscles with more muscle fiber. This extra muscle fiber makes the muscle stronger, like the tape makes the envelope seal stronger. And when your muscle becomes stronger, you become stronger. This process is repeated every time you lift weights, creating stronger and stronger muscles and a stronger and stronger you.

      • answered by ashleyn on 11/05/2012
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    • End-of-Year Goal
      • goal

        Figuring out what my goals will be for 2013. I like to have direction. I like to have a purpose. Goals are a great way to accomplish direction and purpose. And be a planner and a big-picture person, I like to know what to expect the next year before it occurs. Boring, but true.

      • answered by ashleyn on 11/04/2012
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    • Musing on November
      • Thanksgiving

        Turkey dinner with Thanksgiving. Family gathering around a big dinner table. Candles lit. Pie served for dessert. Bundled up in sweaters and blankets. Leaves falling all around me and squirrels quickly gathering their winter meals. The squawk of the Canadian Geese as they stop by on their way south. The wondering of where the year went as it seemed to go by in a flash. And the anticipation of Christmas around the corner.

      • answered by ashleyn on 11/03/2012
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    • Letter to (Future) Me
      • strength

        Dear Ashley,

        I'm glad you never gave up on anything. I know you had your difficult times, timmes where you questioned every decision you had ever made, and just wanted to throw in the towel, wipe out everything from your life, and start anew. That was tempting, but you didn't take the easy way out. You stuck with it, worked hard, and it paid off. I'm glad you are exactly where you want to be. Sure there are still struggles, but the happy times outweigh the struggles. And that's really all you can ask for in life.

        Stay strong, stay happy and keep fighting. It's worth it!

      • answered by ashleyn on 11/02/2012
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    • Loneliness: Open and Closed Doors
      • “Don't open that door," she said.

        I've all of a sudden become a housewife. Well, I guess not all of a sudden, but it happened. I've always been ambitious and goal-oriented, and with no kids, an elderly dog, and a neat husband, ambition was the least needed trait to keep this house. So now I have the freedom to find what I want to do with my time. The door is wide open and I have no idea which direction to go in. I'm used to doing what most people in this world do, work to get a paycheck to pay bills and survive. Now I don't have to do that. Now I can do anything. That freedom is not only frightening, but surprising lonely. It's like walking into a hallway full of doors and having no idea what is behind each one, and no help deciding which one to open.

      • answered by ashleyn on 11/01/2012
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