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      • hello Barbara Palazuelos
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      • In response to: "What was the comfort food you enjoyed most growing up?" I always have loved my mom's homemade mac n cheese. It's done with creamy, sharp cheddar cheese, al dente macaroni noodles, and topped with panko bread crumbs. Yum!!!
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    • A Talent I'd LOVE to Have. . . But Totally Don't
      • Where to start! As a former ballerina {a terrible one}, that's one talent I've always wished I had - being able to spin a hundred times across the floor en pointe, kick my leg up behind my head to my head, leap into the arms of an awaiting prince charming.

        I wish I was an amazing singer, to other people that is. I mean, I'm no Lady Ga GA, but I think I sound ok. Definitely better than a cat in heat. Of course it would be great to be a talented artist too, or play an instrument by ear, but the lack of these talents doesn't bother me. There is one though, that would change my life if I had it.

        If I could have a talent that I don't already, it would be the ability to be more friendly. I am what you would call socially awkward {unless I've been drinking, then I'm socially annoying} and when you meet me, there's a good chance I'm going to come across as cold and unfriendly. The reality is that I'm terrified I'm going to bore you to death or sound unintelligent or not be interesting. I'm nervous around you. I think you're really nice, I really do! But I'm shy, I promise, I'm not trying to be mean.

        I feel I've missed out on a lot of friendships, job opportunities, events - everything! by not having the talent to come off as a warmer, caring person.

      • answered by babsjo51 on 10/11/2013
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    • Procrastination - It rules the house
      • Cleaning. It's always cleaning. I loathe cleaning with a fierce passion that I wish I could quell but haven't figured out the secret yet. I have a small Mt. Everest of laundry, a still-packed suitcase from 2 weeks ago, still-packed boxes from 2 months ago, an un-mopped floor as well as un-vacuumed carpets, 2 dogs that need - NEED - to be brushed and bathed, an unorganized clothing and miscellaneous closet, and a bathroom that is bass-akwards and so uncontrollable you could die.

        Why have I put all this off? Because I've stressed so much about doing it that I've decided I don't need to do it. Until I get some motivation, then I'll start cleaning, get side-tracked or take longer than a day, then be overwhelmed again. It's a sickening cycle.

      • answered by babsjo51 on 09/13/2013
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    • What I'd Learn if I Had the Time & Money
      • There are so many awesome subjects to master that this is a hard one to answer. I'd say it depends on if I have to make a living from these new skills or if I'm able to study at my leisure.

        To work and have a career, I'd love to master all things SEO and internet marketing. What a fun field that always has you learning more! It's actually mind boggling what's out there these days in terms of being on the internet.

        For my own personal pleasure, I'd study art, dance and how nutrition can heal your body. I love all of those subjects. The visual appeal of art and the stories behind the artists are fascinating. Dancing has always been a big passion for me to watch and to do. Nutrition is the key to human existence and health. Without it, we'll just die off.

      • answered by babsjo51 on 08/01/2013
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    • Flick the switch & make a change
      • Procrastinating has been a horrible habit I've had for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school and thought I was so cool (I wasn't then but I am now!) I would write quotes everywhere and one of my favorites was 'Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow.' Lame. I know. Unfortunately, I've lived my life thus far following that idea whether I want to or not. If there was a magic pill I could take to make me less of a procrastinator - nay! - no longer be a procrastinator at all, I'd take it in a heartbeat. Having this terrible habit has prevented me from doing and accomplishing so much in my life, but I know all is not lost. As I've gotten older I've made a more conscious effort to start a project, work on a project and finish a project in a reasonable time frame. Each time I'm successful is like winning a little prize. It's going to be a hard habit to break, but alas, there is no magic medicine so something must be done!

      • answered by babsjo51 on 05/02/2013
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    • How will it end?
      • Here she was. Everything in her life was coming together quite nicely. Her career was barreling ahead. Her home was exactly as she had planned it. Her parents were far enough to not be a bother. She was able to travel frequently. She even had the perfect man. The question was how long would this last? She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was destined to always struggle, destined to never find her true 'home', even destined to be alone as time went on. Her grandmother was always reminding her that she was able to enjoy being alone while others couldn't. Did she know something about her future? She had always been intuitive to the point it was a little scary...

      • answered by babsjo51 on 03/09/2013
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