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      • hello Sharren Grant
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      • In response to: "What was the comfort food you enjoyed most growing up?" There's something magical about a hot bowl of soup sitting in front of you, steam rising up from the bowl, filling your senses with an unmistakable feeling of being home.
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    • Out of Reach
      • I always wanted a fully operational 'toy' vehicle when I was a kid, you know, the kind that you could get into and actually drive, but kid-size. They weren't as common as they are now, but I remember dreaming about how cool I would look driving up to my house in my new ride! I used to fantasize about driving all over our property, picking up my pets, running errands, etc. I wanted one so bad, but I never did get one. I even remember thinking about how much I still wanted one when I was a teenager and by then FAR too big to even get into one!

      • answered by baby_sharren on 08/19/2014
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    • 10 Things That Make Me Happy
      • When it rains...
        I came from a rain forest where it was always raining, always damp and soggy. I grew up in rubber boots and rain coats, because there wasn’t any weather bad enough to keep me inside. When it rained, I’d gear up and head outdoors where I could explore the wet world around me, slosh through puddles and trying to catch drops on my tongue. The sound of rain on the roof can put me to sleep like nothing else can.

        The ocean...
        I also came from the ocean, the west coast of Canada where ocean meets land offering endless opportunity and a life full of excitement. My sister and I would go for long drives on rainy days to the beach; we’d go for long walks on the shore while the waves crashed down around us, so hard that we could feel the salty spray on our lips. With our hot coffees in hand, we would talk about anything and everything, just figuring out life.

        Writing stories...
        I have always loved to write. I love to explore my imagination and lose myself in my writing, to tell a story that captures my readers and keeps them wanting for more. There is nothing more satisfying to me than spinning a glorious tale, knowing that my story has brought a sliver of brightness to someone’s day.

        Being creative...
        I have also always loved being creative, whether it’s doing crafts or singing, or creating a collage of pictures, or beading, or sewing… my soul is nurtured when I make time to incorporate those things in my routine, when I don’t deny myself the enjoyments of life’s simple pleasures.

        Travelling is a way for the soul to escape the mundane routine of every day life. I think it is very important to explore and travel and get to know your country on a personal level. Whenever I’ve travelled, it’s been an experience that I’ll never forget, leaving my soul repaired just a little each time.

        I have been able to sing well as far back as I can remember, and I always knew that people loved to hear me sing. I used to rock the crowd at karaoke! I’d have people up on their tables, lighters going, beers being slammed down on tables and the roar from the crowd would just be overwhelming. There is nothing like being on stage in front of your friends, and strangers, and knowing that they are here to see YOU!

        Friends and family...
        I am very lucky to have some pretty amazing people in my life, friends and family alike. I have come to realize that family isn’t defined by blood alone, because even family can turn their back on you and betray you. I have friends that are more my family than some of my own family, and I also have family that I are more my friends than some of my friends.

        My cats...
        My cats are my babies, and they make me so happy every single day. When I come home from a hard day’s work and I walk in the door to all five of my babies greeting me with loud meows, even louder purring and enthusiastic leg scrubs, all the worries of my day just slip away. They are a little family, Brutus and Peepers are brother and sister, the only two from the same litter from their mama Gizzmo (who was hit by a car and killed in 2006) and Peepers had three babies herself, Mr. Freckle Man, Little Miss V and Mr. Woods. They are MY family, and I wouldn’t trade their love for anything else in this world.

        Nothing is more soothing than slipping in your favourite CD and just sitting down and zoning out, into another world, wherever, anywhere your mind can take you. I love to crank my favourite songs and sing at the top of my lungs! Music speaks to my soul, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

        Learning to meditate is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. I have been attempting to incorporate it into my life as much as I can, and although I haven’t been the best at doing it every day, I keep trying, and every time it is a brand new experience, a whole new path to enlightenment. If only to still your mind, it alleviates stress, it helps to realign your core, and it can shift your mood… nothing will make you feel as good as meditating will.

      • answered by baby_sharren on 01/16/2011
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    • Stopping the Insanity
      • addiction

        If I were to brag about my greatest achievement in life, I would brag about how I managed to achieve sobriety in all its glorious splendour. It’s only just been over two years since that fateful day I came back to my senses, but it feels like a lifetime ago that I was that person, that I was a depraved and mentally unstable addict, wallowing in my own sorrows, never giving myself enough credit to take that leap, never having enough faith in myself that I could break free from the prison that bound me.

        I can’t even imagine being the person that I used to be, all over again. The only thing that mattered to me at the time was the next high, people that would get high with me, or people that brought me the stuff I could get high with. Nothing else mattered, not my partner, not my family, not my pets, not my job, and least of all not me. I was a slave and I didn’t even recognize it. I was a dirty, filthy, depraved soul that would steal the glasses off your face if I thought I could get enough money for them to buy what I needed to get me through the day.

        Getting sober was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I had to want it, not for my kids of which I do not have any, not for my family or friends of which sometimes felt like I had an overabundance of at the time, not for my job, not for anybody or anything but for myself. It took me a lot of years to get to that point to where I felt like I deserved to be happy again, to where I felt like I had the strength to actually kick the addiction, to where I felt like I deserved to be whole again. Allowing your self to be whole again, that’s the kicker. Once you find yourself face down in the dumps and wallowing in your own self-pity and drug induced sorrow, it is almost impossible to find a glimmer of hope somewhere in the darkness. It is near impossible to find it anywhere inside of you, that tiny voice that says you deserve to make this right again. So once you find it, don’t let go… don’t let go, for you are one of the lucky ones.

        There were times when it felt like I couldn’t even breathe, like I was just going to die and nobody would ever know, and nobody would ever care. I had to fight with every scrap of warrior that is inside of me to pick myself off the floor, dust myself off and drag myself to a 12-Step meeting. It was my partner who finally had enough that fateful day… after one last crazy weekend we were both at wits end, but it was he that suggested we go to the closest 12-Step meeting. So, dirty, probably smelly, broken and ashamed we showed up at our first meeting, and we never looked back since.

        It was an uphill battle for a good long while, it took every last bit of strength and determination inside of me to stick with it and get better both inside and out, but I finally made it. Having said that, I will never forget that I am an addict, I will never be cured, I cannot control myself around said addiction, nor will I ever pretend to be able to. I make no grand illusions that I am the only addict in the world that is cured, the only addict that can go back and even remotely dabble in that pathetic lonely world, because once is enough to put me right back at the beginning of my game. I know that now. And even though I know that I am only one sniff away from turning back into that ugly person again, it sometimes feels like I am so far removed from the person I used to be, that I wouldn’t even recognize her anymore. I don’t think I’d want to recognize her.

      • answered by baby_sharren on 10/18/2010
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    • Day in the life of... Oprah!
      • Nasturtims Giving Homage to Georgia O'Keefe

        If I could be any celebrity for just a day, I think I would want to be Oprah. She is one of the richest women in the world, a strong and powerful lady that built her wealth and fortune from scratch, a woman who came from nothing, and made herself into everything she ever dreamed.

        If I were Oprah for a day, I would give a most of my money away to charities, I would find parents for orphaned children all over the world, build shelters for abandoned animals and build schools for less fortunate kids. I would go around the world and teach young people that they are capable of doing anything they dream of, I would tell them not to listen to anybody that tries to tell them they “can’t.”

        If I were Oprah I would use my fame to bring attention to issues that mean something to me. I would encourage people to sign up and help out with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup every year, I would rally the troops, getting as many people together as I could (including myself), over to the Gulf of Mexico and we would get our hands dirty helping clean the shorelines from the disastrous BP oil spill.

        If I were Oprah I wouldn’t feel so insecure. If I were Oprah I would believe in myself, and trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be, right here, right now. Instead I am me; a whole beautiful loving me, that would give anything to change the world like Oprah could.

      • answered by baby_sharren on 10/18/2010
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    • Trip of a Lifetime
      • harvest moon

        If I was offered a free trip to the moon, I would literally be scared out of my mind, but I would accept the offer. After all, wouldn’t that be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity?

        A trip to the moon would change my life in so many ways. I am very afraid of heights but I don’t think that fear would come into play so much. When you’re close to the ground (but up on high) you can comprehend just how high you are. But when you’re in a spacecraft looking down on earth, the whole idea of how far you are from the ground is mind-boggling; your mind wouldn’t even be able to comprehend such an enormity.

        A trip to the moon would boost my self-esteem, my self-confidence and my self-worth by giving me the tools I need to reach higher than I’ve ever reached. I would accept such an offer with grace and dignity and more excitement than I’ve ever experienced… and once I returned to earth, a little rattled but none the worse for wear… my life would never be the same.

      • answered by baby_sharren on 10/18/2010
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