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      • hello Bolt Fox
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      • In response to: "If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?" Move Along, by the All-American Rejects.
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    • A message to my future self
      • Greetings

        Rather formal, I know, but I'm not sure if the two of us would be on a first name basis. I mean, I haven't seen you in 74 years. I doubt I'd even recognize you. Regardless, I do have many questions. It is unfortunate that the linear nature of our existence forbids you from directly responding to this message. I would love to know if you ever made it in your chosen career, or if current religions have been replaced by new ones, or if Fox News is still around. However, since I cannot gain those answers, I will not pursue the topic. Instead, I will focus on what I do know, the present day.

        In the present, we do not yet have your technological advances. People don't typically live much past their 80's with very few living to be over 100. In this respect, I am glad we have this chance to talk. Television is still two-dimensional, though some are gaining depth in various ways. The world has "ended" many times in my life so far, and I image there have been many chances for you to laugh at these same people as well. Some things never change.

        You might be rich, you might be poor. You may have made it in life or been cast aside. In any case, I want you to remember that you were happy once, as I am happy now. Your life will always be complex, but it doesn't always have to be complicated. Keep the simple joys in your life: Love, Happiness, Laughter. With these things, who knows. I might eventually get to meet you, the being that I become, and I might even read this letter, look back at this moment, and smile.

        Here's to another hundred.

      • answered by boltfox20 on 01/03/2013
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    • Huge Choices - Clothing for big AND tall people
      • Big & Tall stores are great places to shop. They have all kinds of plus sizes for plus sized people. I've seen some stores with clothing up to 12X! Now that's a large person. But it's not really a Big AND Tall store, is it? They have Big clothes. They have Tall clothes. Don't some of us need both?

        Considering I have about a 50" waist even when I am skin and bones, and I'm 6' 4" tall, I find it rather difficult to shop for clothing. It's quite rare when someone has clothing I can wear that I don't have to order from a catalog. I think it'd be nice to have a clothing store for the growing number of us who need both big AND tall with everything we buy.

        This is why I think, if I made my own clothing line, it would be for Big AND Tall people. I'd call it Huge Choices. They would have their own store so you would know this is the place to shop for your size, not anyone else's. Sure, I'd sell in other stores as well, for the publicity, but they would obviously be higher priced as the store wants to make a profit as well.

        Some of the clothing might have images of your favorite band or cartoon or social network on it, some would be plain old clothes perfect for getting you through the work day. I would also recognize that there are children my size as well, considering I've been this big since 7th grade. There would be a section for children's clothes in not so child-like sizes.

        And, as any good clothing store should have, there would be a section in the back for people to order a custom size of their favorite outfit for a slightly increased fee. And if that size is ordered often enough it will become a regular size, placed amongst the store for others to enjoy, at the same comparable cost as everything else.

        This seems like a rather simple solution to the problem, if you ask me. So why don't I see this store around yet? Seems to me someone could make a decent profit off of this idea.

      • answered by boltfox20 on 08/18/2011
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    • Immortal Imprisonment
      • When one thinks about immortality, the possibilities just stream through the mind. You would never miss a thing, you would never have to worry about suddenly coming to an end, whether or not there is an afterlife is meaningless, nothing matters but what you want! However, thinking about this long enough, looking at all of the options carefully, and realizing just how long eternity is...

        Is immortality really such a good thing?

        Search For Infinity

        Living forever seems like a hot idea at first, but after a while, you might get bored. You may have seen it all, done it all, thought of everything, pushed yourself past your own limitations... but none of it matters. There is no end goal, there is no point to life.

        When someone plays The Sims, they hold in their hands the life of an individual. It's fake, sure, but the imagination makes it real. A lot of the players turn off the ability to age, effectively making their sim immortal. By carefully avoiding obvious hazards the sim will never die. After doing everything, accomplishing everything, learning everything, what is there to do? It's at this point that most people either put down the game or start up a new sim. After going through several lives, you notice that your sims really aren't that different. Their stories all end the same way. They have done everything.

        In reality, you can do something similar. If you were immortal you could start a new life, be someone new, meet new people, but it would always end the same way. You are always immortal, you will always have done everything, and there is nothing new or entertaining.

        You would be bored to death, but couldn't die.

        As such, I would choose a happy medium. I would allow immortality, but on one condition, that one be allowed to die when and how they choose. This way, we could all live as long as we want. And when we find that immortality is the worst punishment of all, we can embrace the sweet escape of death in peace. At this time, suicide would be the only way to die, and thus suddenly okay.

        To be honest, I hope this day comes in my lifetime, as I wouldn't mind being immortal for a while. Life's too short as is, I think it would be fun to try having it be too long.

      • answered by boltfox20 on 12/09/2010
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    • Simple Serenity
      • Slain

        Seriously social subtleties strum strange strings
        Scarring some since so soon, strength stills, sounding somber
        Soaring, sweeping, swooning, sources seed summer sin
        Saying so, slaying slow, scorn soon steels sound slumber

        Show some sympathy, show some sorrow
        Say something, smug slayer, so slight
        Shine serenity shown smoothly, slowly
        So someone shall still sort starlight

      • answered by boltfox20 on 08/05/2010
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