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      • hello Dung Hoang
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      • In response to: "Who are you?" I am a lecturer
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    • These boots were made for walking
      • They are nike football shoes which i bought in the sale season. They posses excellent quality which help me play better. They are also durable and I think they are worthy to spend.

      • answered by braveking on 09/11/2013
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    • Fifteen credits
      • it is always an excited feeling when starting a new academic year. Although I have not been in this ceremory for almost ten year, but i still feel it. There are lots of pupils, teachers with new clothes and smiling face. They chat or tell about their summmer vacation. Everyone seems to be eager to begin a new period of study after a long-time relaxing.

      • answered by braveking on 09/07/2013
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    • Procrastination
      • at first, I did not understand the meaning of "putting off doing" and i had to looking for on internet. It means stop doing or discard doing st. Recently i have been learnt Spanish because i have lots of friends who come from South American countries or Spanish-speaking nations. And more importantly, there is an Colombian guys in my office and I strongly believe to study some his language. He also taught me some basics and i was interested in. Suddenly, the summer vacation came and he went away for the holiday. I did not have anyone to learn. This made me lazy and i forgot to study everyday. I have not touched any spanish materials for a month. Now he come back and i am sure i will return to spanish. That is my story.

      • answered by braveking on 09/03/2013
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    • Standout
      • it was a music festival in the center of Turin city where i am studying my PhD degree. There was lots of people who enjoyed jazz music. They were listening, chatting, drinking and eating. Generally speaking, I am not kind of art-favoured person. I do not really understand what the singers were playing, but i came there following my roomate's offer. I was quite tired because i had played football before. I was hungry, too. I thought i did not feel comfortable due to the noise and what i was hearing.

      • answered by braveking on 09/02/2013
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