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    • carolgunn
      • hello Carol
      • Username: carolgunn
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I'm just a woman trying to live a life that makes me want to be my own friend.
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    • Your do-over
      • My one do-over would be that I never would have picked up that first cigarette.

      • answered by carolgunn on 01/06/2013
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    • Think about one thing in the back of your mind that’s bothering you...
      • I wish I were a superhero. I want to be able to fix everything. I know I am not that powerful but it isn't for me. I wish I could make my niece feel better, make my sister feel better, I wish I could make things like the Minnesota mall shooting, the Colorado movie shooting and the Sandy Hook school shooting never happen.

      • answered by carolgunn on 12/15/2012
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    • New Holiday
      • Hat Day! Everyone has to wear a hat that reflects what they are feeling deep in their soul. You then have to share that feeling with anyone who asks. What hat are you going to wear?

      • answered by carolgunn on 12/13/2012
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