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    • cookie20
      • hello ilsce meraz
      • Username: cookie20
      • In response to: "Who are you?" i am the woman to wake up and go to sleep listening to music,i love writing and i will do so in paper or type.this is like one of my passions music writing and friends and family.
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    • Change the World
      • well i would really like for one thing to change and it would have to be that everyone got along and everyone had good intentions,the feeling of just walking out your door and feel loved and feel like you can go anywhere and feel safe and good about meeting new people and have fun with just this one life you have to live

      • answered by cookie20 on 11/16/2012
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    • End-of-Year Goal
      • 2013 New Year's Ornaments

        By the end of 2012 i would like to have changed myself for a much better person and welcome 2013 with a much better me and start,help out more reachout to those who need help and try to be much more patient with others and just give them the best of me

      • answered by cookie20 on 11/05/2012
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    • Letter to (Future) Me
      • Enjoy Life

        Dear me,
        on this date 11/2/2012 20 years ago i weight 130,i am 5'4 curly black hair as i know every year my appearance is difrent and i change i have no kids i stay up late sometimes i go out with riends and have alot of fun im sure 20 years from today i will have kids and a husband and a home and i will look back on today and remember what it was like to be a to be a young adult i am 20 going on 21, also today is a day were my mind is going kind of crazy i have alot to do alot of choices to make but i dont understand why did it have to be today,just as i log in to my plinky im asked to write a letter to my self and honestly this is a perfect question well the family is here some are talking and the rest are playing the new ps3 and im like always writing well 20 years from now i hope to have all my loved ones with me moving forward and happy i love life and i love writing and i think i will never stop my passion i wish i could do this 24/7 but i do have other things to do well happy me is going to eat lol

      • answered by cookie20 on 11/02/2012
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