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      • hello Roshan Gopal Krishnan Menon
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    • My nicknames
      • I have had a few nicknames throughout my life. When I was about 11 or perhaps turning 12 years old, my family (parents, sister, some uncles, aunts and cousins) had hired two 15 seater mini buses and were on a tour of famous spots in South India. One of the places we visited was Kanyakumari, at the southern most tip of India. To go to the small island that has a statue of Swami Vivekanada memorial statue, which is on a small piece of an island, you have to go on ferry boats. Now while getting in and getting out they have deck hands to help you (as India had and still has in most places) shitty piers, so everyone took their help while the taller men jumped if they felt that they could. I, a plump kid, took the help of the men while getting in but on our way back I decided that I could make it and jumped to the pier easily even when most people older than me couldn’t. So the men remarked “Ah, master chaddiallo! (Master has jumped)” in jest and my cousins heard it. Thus the name Master has stuck and my damn cousins still call me by that nick name even though it is 25 years plus since it happened!

        Years later, 1997 or 98 (I was 21 or 22) for a while some of my cousins kept calling me FC Rosh, because that was the name I gave to my custom team in a FIFA game we all used to play a lot during one summer. At the moment, only one of my cousins still keeps calling me that whenever she sees me or chats with me online – she is behind the times like that! And then in late 2007 I got this nick name at the office I was in, which has also stuck since then – Roshango! That’s because my user name for accessing the company network is “roshango” which is short for my full name Roshan Gopal Krishnan. I didn’t choose the name or else it would have been ‘roshangk” but it was the tech guys who put that. But over 2.5 years later my ex team members and some colleagues still call me Roshango!

        I actually like that name. Even when it used to give us all a laugh when people call me “Come Roshango”!

      • answered by countroshculla on 12/29/2013
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    • Evil & Here To Stay
      • I do not think that there is a special reason for evil, like demons or the devil or black magic or something supernatural that is behind it or the reason for evil to happen. No, that’s just plain old folks tales and best left in the mythology section of your local library. I do not believe in god or gods, angels, demons or devils. The only reason why evil things, not evil as an entity, but evil acts, evil deeds, evil things happen is because of man! Humans are the cause for evil in fact all the evil in this world past, present & future. I do not think that animals & birds are capable of being evil or doing evil acts.

        I don’t know about evil people. I think people do evil things, evil acts. Some just do them a lot more than others and they do it in various degrees. But there are some things that they do that might be considered evil. Why do people do such things? I blame a lot of things – parents, upbringing, social structure, friends, relatives, peer pressure and even personal choice. A lot of things contribute to making a person good or bad. Sometimes you have a person, who either sees something bad and wants to experiment with it himself/herself and then likes the feeling of it. The sense of control, breaking a taboo / rule. People do get fucked up in their head and when they are not capable of having that internal check that says ‘This is wrong’ they do more of the bad things. And the seem to get some pleasure out of it, seeing the power they have over other people and animals and the effect it has on their targets. Evil can also be because one feels superior over another – physically, morally & intellectually – and hence considers it a ‘might is right’ privilege.

        Ofcourse I see that religion is the one thing that can make ordinary people do evil things – because a holy book, holy man, prophet, religious doctrine says so – let me do it cause then it cannot be evil can it? And I get the benefit of it cause my god must want me to do it. And I reap the rewards, who care what happens to the other people or animals as a result of my evil? That is the worst kind of evil.

      • answered by countroshculla on 11/29/2013
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    • A Quick Easy Cure
      • Since we are making fantasy wishes then for this one, that is if I could create a painless inexpensive cure for a single ailment, then I would choose cancer – all kinds of cancer. Cancer is a dirty bastard of a disease in that it starts in you mostly undetected and by the time the signs show usually it has already grown a bit. In some cases the detection is too late for you to operate that you have no choice but to go through chemo-therapy and go through that ordeal which is taxing on the human body and human spirit. Young children and the aged suffer terribly through the treatment. In some cases they are unable to operate and sometimes that means sure death. And cancer is so strong that because of the duration and the toll it takes, both emotionally & physically, not just the patient but his or her whole family also suffers through it. Patient is one but victims are more.

        If not a disease or ailment can I include old age? Seeing people age and the effect that it takes on you. I would never want to be so old that I need someone to take care of me, feed me, clothe me and bathe me. Hard to feel like an adult when you can’t even control your bowel movements. And can’t go out to enjoy a simple, nice evening ad enjoy the outside air. No sir I would want to die before that happens to me. So if I could create a cure to ease up the effects of old age that would be something I’d choose as well.

        Both cases, for humans and animals. Dogs & cats.

      • answered by countroshculla on 11/18/2013
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    • Blogger in a strange land
      • I, alas, haven’t really done much blogging from outside of my apartment or at an internet cafe/the office system. There aren’t that many places where you can get free Wifi in Cochin with the exception of a handful of restaurants or cafes (I’ve been to just 3 or 4 and one is closed now). Currently I do not use internet services on my mobile phone but I used to and then it was easy to get online and blog using my BlackBerry Bold. So I’ve blogged from the coffeeshop / cafes.

        Ive blogged while riding in the bus, on the train (but never on a plane) and done it while sitting on a bench at the Marine drive walkway facing the sea. I’ve actually blogged while sitting in a big work review (the review took almost 4 hours of which I was needed to present for exactly 20 minutes at the very beginning) and yes I have blogged on my phone while sitting on the toilet – at work as well as at home The urgency of the situation begged it to be done!

      • answered by countroshculla on 10/31/2013
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    • Celebrate good times
      • Ha, it’s been so long since I’ve had had some really wonderful good news that made me want to celebrate. Yeah, atleast not since 2009. Anyways, suppose I do get some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news I, like most people, will want to celebrate it. And my style of celebration may not be great compared to others but this is the simple way that I roll.

        First, on receiving or getting to know the good news, I will smile and take a moment to myself to let the news and overall great feeling sink in. Then I will let those who want to congratulate me or join in the celebratory feelings shower me with wishes. Next I make sure that I have enough money for what I want to do and if not I go and get some. Then I will check – is this a celebration for friends and colleagues as well? In that case I tell the ones that I am treating to pile up in cars, bikes or taxis and head on to the restaurant in question. Once we get there, food is on me! Maybe a few drinks as well. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh and we’ll stuff ourselves and then waddle our way back home and store the good memory in our bank of good times.

        Otherwise if it is family I will get some good food, check on the drinks menu and then call up my folks. We’ll sit in the comfort of my home and watch some tv while we wait for my sister’s family to come by. We’ll all gather round the tv on the sofas and eat for a while, enjoying the quite company and the good food.

      • answered by countroshculla on 10/13/2013
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