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    • debiw
      • hello Debi Wandrey
      • Username: debiw
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" MY relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
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    • Off the grid
      • It looks like how this Plinky prompt was answered. By way of my iPad mini.

        My computer is with my son-in-law who is a wiz at cleaning up photo album messes. I went on vacation, so he is using that time that I don't need it to help me straighten out thousands of pics so I can start over with iPhoto.

        I tried writing with the iPad mini keyboard but am finding using the touch screen is faster!

        In truth, I am enjoying this much smaller version of a computer, but am ready to get my MacBook back so I can get into my files, etc:))

      • answered by debiw on 08/05/2013
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    • The Messies
      • My home is my sanctuary and I love a neat one that feels inviting at all (well most) times.

        In complete honesty my 2 bedroom apt is my "sweet little tree house," as my friend dubbed it upon seeing it for the first time. We live on the 3rd floor in a corner unit. I have an amazing tree straight off my balcony that feels apart of my home (its what you do, with where you live that makes it a home). Lots of windows (I'm a light nut) and only 1000 sq ft. to keep in order:-)

        Having spent most of my life in a single family house as my home, and having had to at one point keep up, or at the least be responsible for over 3000 sq ft being kept in order, I am now completely at peace with my abode in the tree!!

        The longer I am in this smaller living space the more content I am with it. It is very true what they say "less IS more". (Who are they anyway? Anyone ever figure that one out?)

        As far as the cleaning goes. Yes, in answer to the question. A messy and dirty space, whether my husbands office, our apt or someone elses place, does make me cranky and sometimes anxious. (I'm prone to throw out your trash and do your dishes.)

        My anxiety though is almost nil these days, since in such limited space it is easy to keep things in order and to straighten up quickly when it needs it. So for the most part I am neither cranky nor anxious. And all I have to do is a bit of dusting, my hubby runs the vacumn and a bit of straightening and wa-la!! Ready for company!

        I remember the days of getting those 3000 sq ft cleaned and ready for company, made me extremely cranky. Thinking I had to always have every corner dusted. Every book angle perfect. Every childs room model ready, did make me crazy and caused many an unhappy child or husband. No wonder my hubby ask me all the time, if I was sure I wanted to have so and so over. Or entertain that many people?

        Since I do run a bit high on the compulsiveness scale, I have found that it is true what my mother taught me. "That having an appropriatley decided space and place for everything creates a peaceful home. And if you pick up the clutter on an ongoing basis (ie: going in another room or up the stairs? Take that thing that needs to go with you right then, rather than have piles accumulating). Give away the extra whatevers on an ongoing basis. Read the mail right when you get it and immediately put the junk in the trash and the rest in its designated spot. Tidy up the room and kitchen before going to sleep. And finally, make your bed everyday! (one easy exercise to do regularly!) Do all that everyday, and no one will notice the dust bunnys in the corner."

        To this day, everyone that comes to our home, even in our little treehouse apt. says how peaceful and calm it seems.

        The way I see it, you can do a little everyday and have that peace round the clock. Or you can let the messes and chores build up and ruin a perfectly good Saturday or Sunday, that you could be on the beach or golf course with cleaning, ALL the DAY LONG!! Then be incredibly sore, tired and cranky the day your company comes to call and have no fun at all:-(((

        So Mom, if you can read this with your super-spirit eyes from Heaven, Thanks for the training and tips you imparted to me so long ago.

        "And it is well with my soul."

      • answered by debiw on 04/06/2013
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    • Which do you prefer? Beach or Forest?
      • My first and automatic response lends towards the beach, but it can't be just any beach. My beach has to be tropical, yet not too humid, with white sand, but not too sticky; in a country where they don't sell jewelry towel side. the water has to be warm, but not too warm like the Atlantic in the summer, yuck!

        I tend to like the beach because of the warm climate and the sound of the waves, but I don't lke having sand stuck to me, sea weed, or sunburns either.

        But now, my thought through and new favorite is forest.

        Forests usually means mountains, a cool breeze, rivers and lakes which I love. And as long as I can be inside with a latte and a book on a snowy white out kind of day I'm great!

        Mountains also means my husband. He is most definitely a forest man and plans on retiring in a mountain resort community. I really love my husband more than anything and I want to be where he is and where he travels, so yes, with all that said, FOREST for sure!!

        Maybe there's a forest on a mountain that kind of gently roles down and onto a beach that is sunny and warm where we could both enjoy both!?!?!

        Any body know a place like that?

      • answered by debiw on 02/27/2013
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    • THE Hardest Decision I EVER made!!!!
      • To ask for help with getting clean and sober was by far the most difficult decision I have ever made, because it not only meant admitting I really had a problem, but that it was really that bad that I actually had to have rehab level help.

        It was also the hardest because I was a secret addict and it meant basically coming out and telling the world (my world) how ugly my sins really were.

        I risked losing friends and family.

        And on top of all that, with me if I make a serious commitment to something I see it through. Failure was not an option. This wasn't just a -- "oh, I'll clean up my act and then when I've got a handle on this thing, I can have a casual drink or so" kind of decision.

        It was a forever decison!

        I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was an alcoholic and a pill popping prescription drug addict, so surrendering to that reality was huge. It meant a new life and a new lifestyle that I would have to have, and live everyday.

        Even though it was THE hardest decision I have ever made, it was also by far the BEST decision I have ever made!

        Today I am a new and much better person than I was back then. Who knew that so many of my character defects, weaknesses and excuses revolved around having these substances in my body.

        My mind, my body and most assuredly my spirit are all renewed!

        I am the best version of me that I've ever been and I am continually learning, growing and being challenged to keep taking me, and what life has to offer, to the next level.

        It has been over 3 years and I'm proud to have stayed totally clean and sober and I never want to go back!!

        I love being a role model in this way, so if anyone reading this is suffering and needs help in ANY area of addiction, please make that hard decison and get THE HELP YOU NEED. I guarantee it'll save your life in more ways than you can imagine!!

        God Bless YOU, Debi

      • answered by debiw on 02/27/2013
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    • Where in the world would I go?
      • A peaceful, small mountain community in the Rockies. Hopefully my home would be surrounded by pine trees, but not too dense as to let the sunshine through. There would be a body of water I could glimpse out my windows. And paths for walking into town close by. I'd choose this because it's a vision my husband and I have had for 30+ years. We've never made this dream become a reality yet, so answering this question, this is where I'd go. Hopefully we'd be able to stay for a lot longer than one year too!

      • answered by debiw on 01/25/2013
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