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      • In response to: "Even if you aren't a chef, what's your favorite dish to prepare?" Sunday roast.
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    • Supreme ruler
      • Supreme ruler, but still me? Fallible, weak, limited, human me?

        I can hear the playground taunt already.
        "Oh aye? You and whose army?"

      • answered by doctorcook on 02/26/2013
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    • Minneapolis
      • I've been there once. When I arrived, the immigration officer asked the purpose of my visit. "Holiday." I said. She didn't believe me and kept me for another five minutes, asking over and over, "But why? Why here? What is there in Minneapolis?"

        At the time I didn't know.

        Although my stay was short I fell in love. With the glorious spring sunshine that saw me out running in thermals at 7am but walking along the trail by the Mississippi in short sleeves in the afternoon. With Dunn's coffee house and its amazing mechanical grinding machine and pumpkin muffins. With the huge empty mills. With the sheer choice of places to eat, places to go and places to be.

        I want to go back for the unexpected wildlife. The wild turkeys and the deer that would wander up from the riverside. For the Gophers. For the waitress, God bless her heart, who asked for ID when I ordered wine with my burger at Annie's. I know it's probably just policy but being asked to prove I'm twenty one when I am "of a certain age" is delightful. For the portion sizes of fantastic food at the Loring Pasta Bar and the live music. For the pancakes and the "Minnesota nice" people.

        I was there for a week and never even made it as far as StPaul.

      • answered by doctorcook on 02/25/2013
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    • I know there will be a next time, and I hope I am ready.
      • I wish I did all the little things that make life easier for all of us. All the time, I mean. Sometimes I let cars out at busy junctions, sometimes I don't notice then when I have to wait for a kind soul to pause I think karma has got me. Sometimes I say nice things to people just because I can, sometimes I stay silent in case they think I'm a loon.

        Sometimes I think about the bigger decisions I have made. I chose my university because it was comfortable and familiar, not because of my grades or its reputation. What if I had taken up my offer from a more prestigious establishment? I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't have met my husband. I bet I would still have the same job but in a different city.

        What about other aspects of inaction? Recently my mother suffered from a life-threatening disease. She is elderly in outlook if not in age, increasingly frail and lucky still to be with us. I got a chance to put my years of taking-for-granted, complacent inaction right. She knows that I love her and will be there when she needs me.

      • answered by doctorcook on 02/24/2013
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    • Writing room
      • There's a big brown sofa for lounging on, with a cat on it, for when I'm reading on my iPad. There is a proper chair and table for when I want to use my laptop for writing. There's a bookcase, of course, with a range of literature from familiar old favourites that I'll never read again but like to keep anyway, to new books that I'd like to read when I have time and a few titles that I would probably not think to try. There's a coffee machine nearby, burbling away happily. Apart from that, it's quiet here. There's natural light from the big windows and patio doors leading out to the garden. For after dark there are strategically placed spotlights and a gentle uplighter.

        Hang on, I just described the ground floor of my house.

      • answered by doctorcook on 02/23/2013
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