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      • hello Lalita Dwadashi
      • Username: dwadashi
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I am a wayfarer on the road of life, trying to find out about the deeper significance of existence on this planet . I question the ways of the world, try finding answers to the problems of life.
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    • Lyrical Inspiration
      • It is said that nature is ever giving. A tree gives us of itself in entirety flower, fruit, leafy shade to shelter, so does a flowing river give of itself, they store, amass nothing. So is this human life to share with others what we have been given with those who are not that fortunate!

        give and share

        These are a few of favorite things...... to stretch a hand to someone in need, to make a crying face smile, to sing, to think what difference can i make to things, to able to give, give and give! veritable to the core is my effort to be!

      • answered by dwadashi on 11/24/2012
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