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      • hello Gary Watts
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      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" I will never give up on my commitment for equal treatment of those with mental health problems. All to often we are stigmatised and patronised.
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    • Hands off my phone!
      • The old technologies were, for the most part, always the better.

        home made rune stone

        I believe my mobile has managed to make everything humanly possible to make life more difficult. The instant access to communication isn't always the best thing to have in a heated argument; I believe in arguments letters really were the better way to handle things, as you had at least one day between them to think things over and decide whether some things really are worth arguing over. In return the expectation from other users that one should be "always connected" is also rather frustrating.

        One of the worst sins of mobile telecommunications, however, lie in the ease of procrastination. If it wasn't bad enough sitting in front of a blank essay whilst having 300 tabs open in Firefox about the philosophy of Bostrom's simulation argument of life, now I can also sync these tabs to my mobile so I can continue reading whilst I'm away at the expense of finding a loved one's Christmas present.

        There is one area where my phone has helped immensely, however; an area that to be honest makes everything else in life work like clockwork. And that would be my calendar. Without it and the ability to sync it online everywhere, I would forget even about doctor's appointments I'd only booked hours ago, let alone important birthdays or anniversary's. And for that alone, the other sins of Web 2.0 can be forgiven.

      • answered by gazbook on 11/11/2012
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    • How I Feel About Fucking Swear Words
      • When only swearing will do

        I believe swear words are only artificial constructs created by humanity, so they mean as little if I say them as if anyone else says them. However, they can surround a point with a certain matter-of-factness, humour, or childishness depending on the context used. The history of where swear words come from is also pretty fascinating.

        However also accept others may not wish to use them, or be bombarded with them. So if a person asks me not to, then I will refrain from using them. Also there are certain racially or politically sensitive swear words that do have a negative history, so I refuse to use those ones.

        Fucking hell, that was long-winded.

      • answered by gazbook on 08/14/2010
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    • Setting the Scene: Where I Live
      • Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Square

        The cathedral rings it's bell upon the empty, silent, tiny city. The sky is turning paler shades of blue every second, but the sun is not yet up. Lincoln Cathedral, overlooking the entire city and most of the county from Lindum Hill, continues to bellow it's hourly chime as the place slowly comes awake. The occasional car begins to traverse the flyovers and roads. A dustbin man makes his way to work.

        The power of light slowly awakens all of it's inhabitants. Birds and Businessmen alike begin their morning ritual. Meanwhile the students, being nocturnal in nature, take this opportunity to make for their beds and catch up on much needed sleep, so they are more awake should they decide to be late for lectures.

        As the city is mostly surrounded and infiltrated by nature (despite building project's best efforts to reduce this!), the trees pulsate a certain energy that resonates with it's inhabitants and makes life altogether that little bit more pleasant.

      • answered by gazbook on 08/14/2010
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    • If I Could Relive Any Day of My Life... It'd Be My School Days
      • Old Chapel

        I will sound really boring, but I would relive one more day at secondary school, to right all the wrongs that I felt happened towards the end of my time there. I would reform our band Parts of the Process and have a rehearsal in the evening. I will aim to do my best as my future depends on it, then get bored in the first 10 minutes and piss about writing in my book to my chemistry teacher to fuck off and stick it up at him when he's not looking. I would tell the prats that wouldn't let me in their form room to talk to my friends that, yes, I was going to whether they like it or not.

        I would tell all my romances and ex-romances that dumped me that, while the time was great, looking back with hindsight I'm better off without them anyway. I'd then have arguments with every teacher as to why I should be put under undue pressure, and bring the health and safety at work act into play (as it was school that led to my breakdown and prevented me achieving anything more afterwards... which is OK cause I got good enough grades to contribute to make that school look good while I was there, ignoring the health problems it left me with).

        Most of all, though, I would just enjoy myself, and be with the people I used to love being with. I wish I really could go back sometimes.

      • answered by gazbook on 07/31/2010
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