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    • Unknown caller
      • ring ring ding a ling. Hello- hello is this Mr. Corral?- who's asking?- Well Mr.Corral we, have been planning this phone call out before you were even born. We knew this would be the day since October 17, 1968. That when it all started son.- hey dad why are you calling from a restricted number?- Son listen real closely because where i am at is not relevant we need to find the girls now.- Whoa dad wait up what happened to the girls where are they- son son listen to me we are going to find them- dad - alright well long story short; we were all going to come out to surprise you for your birthday, you know so we boarded plane 666 and that was on route to Dallas were we would than board another plane to New Hampshire, so were on board in the air i decide to go the bathroom than i get mugged. I think by the air marshals son son - dad dad....... beep beep dad dad dammit.....

      • answered by hagencorral on 04/29/2013
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    • The five fave foods you choose
      • Well first of all i really dont want to be stuck with only 5 assorted food groups for the rest of my life but if i had to chose i would chose to have dumplings make the best pre dinner appertizer. The second I would choose would be bagels with cream cheese make a great breakfest, and the third would be chicken wings with ranch dressing naked wings to the bom diggidy lunch. The fourth food item i would choose for my stay at the island would be burrito with meat and potatoes and egg ewww that sounds good. The last but certainly not least would be fruit do need to have something thats good for me at least for my stay at the island.

      • answered by hagencorral on 04/05/2013
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    • Murphy's Law
      • I came home from school on a friday night and then think i can go drinking and driving with easter within 3 days. So I decided haha, to go out and get up to Fort Collins from my place in East Denver. Of course i was 16 fresh with my licence but one of my friend said man let go to this party up @ CSU. i went had fun great party but coming home at about 3.12am in the mourning. Get pulled over failed my breathlizer test and had not only alchahol in my system but Thc as well. My parent get the call about 5.30 in the mourning waking up for work. Hello" this is officer wilson im calling to infrom you that your son last night around 3 had been pulled over for failure to use a left turn signal and is now being charger with a DUI now we have him booked and you can come pick him up he seems to be in okay condition not in need of any detoxification. That being said the ride home was awkward dam. I remember the worst that could come from anything on wheels is a scratch or open wounds not revocation of my licence. After two days of letting that one sink in my mother dad passes away I wasnt very close to him as my mom but seeing her loose her son and her father all on he convient mourning on Easter 2010 when everything can get bad things get ugly at the end you have something better than before looking back on that expierence makes me think about how I have reinstated my licence last year and now am stronger will just let me thing about how loosing everything things can only get better.

      • answered by hagencorral on 03/04/2013
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    • How did you begin writing?
      • The expeirience I think Writing gives anybody is the freedom and expression of heart if you really put, some thought into the writing. Writing Isn't just something you hear about for published author, or the Philosopher not just what you see with the soldiers writing loved ones back home or the in mates sitting on death for hanus murders convictions writing their masterpiece epihany's. NO NO It can be for the most patient parents, I have learned at a young age that the roughten toungue can hurt more than fists ever can pack the punch "'', Writing really can and; did change the, world that we see today, forever since the earliest of early human we have been the first culture of organism to start documenting and recoridng our own lives the earliest documents shown are on thecave walls of earlist human life.

      • answered by hagencorral on 02/15/2013
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    • Play it, baby!
      • i will first play stair way to heaven it was first performed by led zeplin the rockstar band of my father youth he idolizes this band. The guitar skill is a hard art to master all at once it takes time to learn and practice my guitar skills everyday. with my good friend and we rehearse from the course stair way to heaven like a billion times before we even think we grew a fraction of a percent better than we were a few hours ago we; to also idolize some guitar musicians that perform with big rock bands such as; pink floyd, the who, u2, boston, styx, poul simon and garfunkel, tracy chapman, natlaie merchant, Dave mattews band, Blue october, counting crows, bob dylan. These were all great examples I use to become a fluent guitarist.

      • answered by hagencorral on 01/25/2013
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