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    • 5 Possessions That Describe Me
      • This was difficult, but here it goes:

        1. My journals
        Yes, that word has an "s" on it. I can't have just one journal. I have journals for thoughts, journals for design. journals for notes, and more. But they describe me in every way possible. My journals are what i used to express myself on a daily basis. They display my thoughts and ideas, my favorite fonts and color schemes, what music I like and who I am as a person.

        2. My books
        I've been a bookworm all of my life. And my love for reading has grown the older I get. With the invention of the e-book, my collection has grown exponentially. But nothing replaces the feeling of holding a physical book in your hand which I why I really hope printed book stay around, at least for my lifetime. They have served me as great escapes, idea generators, thought provokers and so much more over the years.

        3. My camera
        Ever since I was a kid, I loved to take pictures. I would go through old pictures in this expansive kitchen drawer my mom had created because she hadn't gotten around to putting them in albums and not only put them in albums for her, but write little captions in the margins (It's like I was born to be a journalist of something). When I got to high school, I was on the yearbook staff. If it hadn't been for my yearbook adviser handing me that giant Nikon D3 as an inexperienced sophomore, I probably would have never taken photography as far as I have today. I believe my photos have a certain style to them that I can call mine and give me a sense of artistic achievement. Nothing is more rewarding to me than creating something beautiful out of nothing and that's what my camera does for me.

        4. My clothes
        I believe my style is unique to me. It's a nice mix of classy, hipster and relaxed which is really hard to create. I also believe that your outer appearance is very important because it is the first thing people judge you by. So fashion is absolutely important to me. And besides, it's fun! And everyone's style is unique to them.

        5. My handwriting
        I don't know if this is really a possession, but my handwriting I feel describes me. Unlike some people, I've put a lot of effort into my handwriting over the years. I think in handwriting in 9th grade changed three times. The reason this happened was because I had a set list of things I wanted my handwriting to look like. First of all, I wanted my handwriting to be pretty. Second, I wanted to be able to write in cursive effortlessly. And third, I wanted to be classically slanted like my mother's handwriting. Needless to say after 18 years, I've got it down. This may seem really silly, but I pride myself on my handwriting. And again, it's something we all have that is unique and special to each person. And that's why it describes me.

      • answered by haleybaker7 on 12/05/2012
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    • Confessions of a Digital Native
      • Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without technology. What would we do with our lives if we couldn't spend countless hours on Facebook or Pintrest, or have a music player, a computer, a TV and who knows what else on a smartphone? Probably more than likely complain. As digital natives, people who were raised with technology, we really don't know any different. But that's really no excuse. I admire the people who grew up in the age of letter writing and payphones. I asked my dad one day what he did as a kid. He said, "Well, I rode my bike everywhere. We played football and baseball in the front yard. We played games. We..." and the list went on. If you ask a majority of kids today what they did today, "School. Facebook. Video games. Instagram. Stuff." The technology is consuming us. So to answer the question, I do feel comfortable but I wouldn't mind living in another time. Maybe the roaring 20s or the lively 50s. Most have told me I belong in the hippie age. The real reason I would want to live in another time period though, would be to live in a much more active society. A society where people met face to face, where a phone was only used to call someone, and addictions to social media don't exist.

      • answered by haleybaker7 on 12/05/2012
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    • Long Story Short
      • I chose the journalism profession for a reason. I love to write and I love to tell stories. But I'll be honest, I don't have the attention span to write a book. I had a fantasy at one point in my life about writing an adventure novel. Something with a little mix of fantasy, romance, pure action with a good vs. evil battle, you know, pretty typical. At first I got a pretty good start. Twelve pages in on one Saturday. Three pages that Sunday. Then I slowly started showing less progress, down to the point where I wouldn't write anything for weeks and then ceased to write at all. Then, a few months later I'll rediscover my works in the depths of my computer archives and try to start again. But the rush is gone. The ideas have fled. So let's just start another one! Needless to say, I have about 3 unfinished works of literary awesomeness just sitting in my hard drive that I will probably never finish. Because long story short, my stories are meant to be a long as my attention span can handle.

      • answered by haleybaker7 on 12/03/2012
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    • Top 3 Songs On The Radio Today I Never Get Tired Of
      • Close your eyes and imagine yourself driving. You're in the car and the radio is playing. You are switching through the shows...annoying song...Justin Beiber...people speaking a different language...and then you finally find one. Of course if you were to be in the car with someone else you probably would have kept switching. But it's just one of those really catchy songs that you can't help but listen to no matter how many times the radio DJ plays it. Something about the song gives you that invincible feeling. It's the kind of song that make you want to roll down all the windows, sing along and let your hair flow in the wind.

      • answered by haleybaker7 on 11/29/2012
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