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      • hello Laurie Fessler
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      • In response to: "What is the one thing you consistently spill on yourself?" My husband sometimes brings me coffee in the mornings and I slurp it so enthusiastically, I spill it on the T-shirts I sleep in. Purple, pink, white,soft shirts now all stained with aromatic coffee.
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    • I Missed Out
      • I had numerous dolls and stuffed animals, different toys that my parents would bring back for me from their travels, or from their trips to the local toy stores for my birthday or Christmas. I did not have, the one common, apple-pie, doll that seemed like everyone had and I missed. Raggedy Ann. I was never interested in Raggedy Andy, that seemed like an afterthought to me, was this her brother, boy friend, best friend? It didn't matter.
        Raggedy Ann was the floppy doll that always smiled that I coveted. I must have been in the in-between stages of it being very popular and not at all. I would have liked to wake up in the morning next to my new best friend with her always cheerful smile to start my day. That would have been a very nice way to wake up, to ease myself out of sleep and prepare for my young child's day. But, don't tempt me now, I am the type of person who would order Annie even at my old age and my collection is getting too big. "You can't ALWAYS get what you want..."

      • answered by hibernationnow on 01/20/2014
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    • Love to Love you Love me.

        Being kind and thoughtful to other people is very important to me, being sensitive to their needs. My favorite person is my husband who is also kind and supportive, probably in different ways. We both have huge hearts, we both probably care TOO much and feel disappointed in people who are not as warm and understanding as we are.
        This is the way we are, naturally, it is who we are inside. Dealing with selfish and self-involved people with no feelings about anyone but themselves is hard for us. Most people are not like us, we are lucky to have found each other. In this great big, self-involved world, we are definitely in the minority.
        We have each other for now, I'm terrified, absolutely terrified for the day that one of us will be left without the other.

      • answered by hibernationnow on 12/01/2013
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    • C.O.R.E.
      • It was my first day at a new job in a new city. I had moved to Boston on a whim and a couple of hundred dollars and I was going to stay there until I found a job. This was my plan.(Needless to say I was in my early twenties.) I found a job at a major publishing firm and I was thrilled.
        On my first day (of everything) I was nauseous, nervous and basically wanted to throw up. I've spent a lifetime trying to avoid that which comes naturally to me. Throwing up when I'm nervous and peeing every two minutes. Luckily since I am ALWAYS early I found a place to buy coffee and go to the rest room.I remember looking at this huge, high rise building that was going to be my home away from home for many years.This was a job, a real job.
        I decided I needed to give myself a code, a pep-talk of sorts but a short one so that I would remember it: I chose CORE, (confidence, optimism, relaxation and enthusiasm.) I've used this word to keep me whole when I get lost, to ground me, if get unsure of myself. I haven't remembered that in years. Thank you for reminding me.
        If there is interest, please comment, I may be putting a group together (on-line) for support, guidance, counseling. I am NOT a doctor but I am extremely intuitive and have worked in counseling for many years. Common Sense Counseling......

      • answered by hibernationnow on 11/21/2013
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    • For tomorrow, we die
      • Dining companions? Setting? Conversation?
        Be serious.
        I wouldn't move from my living room, food would be ordered in from wherever my family wanted, loads of it. My adult children would be with my husband and me, our dog would be in my lap, my mother would be with us. We would not talk about the end of the world but the memories we had. We would talk about the good times, the happy times and we would not be looking at any clock. Let the world end when it does, we are holding on to each other like any other Sunday, with good comfort food, milk shakes, champagne, anything our hearts desired. No limit. Nothing fancy, nothing different, just a lot more of it. Now is the time to coax those less inclined to talk to share their feelings, to show emotion. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't. You can't change people you just have to accept them the way they are. If you are disappointed it really is YOUR problem.
        No fights, no domineering, just balance. Love, kindness, support, appreciation. To have had what we did have, together. We close our eyes together and fall asleep.

      • answered by hibernationnow on 11/17/2013
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    • Talk It Out
      • Calmly. I learned it late but I know it instinictively now. There are always two sides to a story. The truth is generally somewhere in the middle. Let each person talk, one at a time, no interruptions. After they finish, the other person has their turn, again, no interruptions, the rest is called mediation. COMPROMISE. Point out the things they have in common or what they are both frustrated about. Sometimes it's just a misunderstanding or hurt feelings. Always, talk it out. Peace is better than being "right." But, you have to grow-up in order to know that. You will, eventually, life will make you.

      • answered by hibernationnow on 11/16/2013
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