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    • Writingfish
      • Dear Fan of [insert fandom here],

        Welcome to my blog! Here, you get reblogs of mostly fandom things, but other random stuff too. You also get my liveblogging episodes of whatever I'm currently watching. I don't reblog ourtright porn, because one friend in real life is following me. XD (I will link you people who do if you'd like) I write too. Mostly original creative writing like poetry and my giant writing project called The Caretaker of The Multiverse. You can find all of my work using the links on the sidebar. And I'm a Linguistics student in my 3rd year at uni. Oh, and I'm from the States. XD Anyway, you are absolutely lovely for following me and I hope you like my blog!

        I will love you until death,
        Writingfish :)

      • answered by idraax on 11/12/2012
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    • Library, Secret Passages, Bedroom
      • Staircase

        The heart of the house would be a large library with wood and chrome accents. There would be a large, iron-wrought spiral staircase in the center with glass steps, which would curl upwards and branch out towards the two wings of the house.

        There would be many rooms in many different colors and themes and each would have a secret door that led to one of the secret passages that would run throughout the house. The basement would be stone walls with scones for lights and a string of fairy light would run along the wall near the ceiling.

        There would be a bathroom full of mirrors and a shimmery curtain that would separate the sunken pool from the rest of the room. There would be a bedroom with a sheer canopy that would cover the entirety of the ceiling in blue. The floor would be sunken with a springy green carpet and brown pillows. In the center would be a round, wide bed with floral print sheets and red pillows. The lights would shaped in a myriad forms of flora.

      • answered by idraax on 11/10/2012
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    • News in a Foreign Language
      • Ostli News

        I get my news from ARD. It's a German channel that doesn't have geolocked content, so I can livestream things. I don't understand more than half of what I hear, but I know enough to know that something's going on with the Nobel Prize, with Turkey and Egypt (not together through) and that the weather's pretty cold. Plus, there's some International conference in Tokyo going on. It's either about Climate Change or Engineering or both. One thing I don't understand is why every single newscaster ,no matter if it's in German or English, has the exact same intonation in their voice. At least they don't speak so fast when they're doing news; they just use long words that I don't know.

      • answered by idraax on 10/13/2012
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    • The Lamp
      • Not about me, but about two of my characters,

        Large salt crystal lamp

        Once, Seres gave me a lamp. It was practically strange by his standards. I'm used to receiving stranger gifts than this. He got me a crystal skull throne once. I don't know how he got nor do I want to. But, he gave me a lamp this time. Granted it was made of crystal and it glows in the dark and has no know, I'm not sure if it's a sure works like a lamp though. I suppose I should ask him. I'll get right on that.

      • answered by idraax on 10/13/2012
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    • Cereal and coffee
      • Evolution of Coffee


        Wake up, brush teeth, wander downstairs and start the coffee making.

        Open the pantry door, grab the cereal, pour in bowl and grab the milk.

        Mix milk and cereal, coffee's done.

        Pour in cup, black.

        Grab the paper, set the plate on the Sports section. Never read it anyway, so it can get messy.

        Eat cereal, drink coffee, read paper.

        It's morning.

      • answered by idraax on 10/13/2012
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