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      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" Mother and daughter writing team. Two thought. We are the writing team of Inion N. Mathair, and we love our craft. Waking up every day, excited to follow our dream.
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    • Can a writer jump into NaNoWriMo after the first?
      • November: Writers...get your imaginations ready...minds set....fingers...GO! And there off. And we have thousands of writers rounding the first few days of the NaNoWriMo-50,000

        NaNoWriMo Day 3

        National Novel Writing Month. Or better known as NaNoWriMo! A time when writers across the world, converge on the first day, ready to begin writing without any pressures of mistakes, editing or blueprinting. Just full speed ahead! A committment, that can actually be fun!

      • answered by inionnmathair on 11/04/2012
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