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      • hello Jaylan Salman
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      • In response to: "If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?" Michael Nyman - The Heart asks pleasure first
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    • The three most important years
      • Hmmm: First year of high school (first love, first time to make friends with the slutty crowd of my class, first time my writings got darker)

        First year of college (when u just discovered what a fucking bullshit the real world is)

        2011 (becoming a writer back again, writing workshop, movie set visit, first crush that turned into lust from afar, first heartbreak, first time I questioned my faith)

      • answered by jaylan88 on 02/08/2013
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    • Why do I write
      • I write because I want to change the world. I want to tell stories about women like me, and men like the man I loved and talk about people whose stories haven't reached the world yet.
        And I am motivated -like many writers- by music, art, liberty and intimacy. On top of all I am motivated by people.

      • answered by jaylan88 on 02/02/2013
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    • Soul mate wish
      • Fully, actually I have a theory about my sister's and mine's idea of a soul mate:

        The One: in my sister's code it would be the guy she finds worthy of entering her dark cave, as she is the Queen of secrecy

        The One: In my code it would be the one I could build a home with, my land after years of sailing in the wild, as I am the Queen of escape

      • answered by jaylan88 on 01/31/2013
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    • To be or not to be superstitious
      • I have to say I am not really sure whether I am superstitious or not. I never really believe in "YES or NO" question so I guess the answer is...maybe. But I don't believe they are silly, just overrated at times. Some of the superstitions actually creep me out.

      • answered by jaylan88 on 01/30/2013
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    • Places with a soul
      • Sometimes feelings do not need tons of words to express them. If this happens I would feel lost and empty.

      • answered by jaylan88 on 01/27/2013
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