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    • jessesset
      • hello Esset Schonberg
      • Username: jessesset
      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" On the side of my secret life on the interwebs, I'm a college student, a tutor, a bad ukulele-er, and a coffee snob.
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    • Holy shit you're old.
      • How the Hell did you even manage to pull that off? I... I'm impressed, frankly! I guess everyone who said being a fat asthmatic would kill me early can kiss my ass at this point? Err, your ass?

        I can't think of anything to tell you that you don't already know. I hope I kept to this whole "putting myself first" thing and that you had a really kickass life and did a lot of cool stuff and saw the world and found a super babe to settle down with (considering what's been going on lately, I have my questions about who that wound up being, but I'll leave it for now).

        Woo, I guess. This wasn't that interesting.

      • answered by jessesset on 01/03/2013
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    • So this one time I was meeting my boyfriend's friends...
      • I was like 16, and I was dating a 22 year old (yeah, I know, don't say it, I know, whatever). And I dug this guy for reasons I don't quite know to this day. We've been split up for like five years now, so I no longer care about the people involved in this story. But still.

        One day his friends all got together for a barbeque at the park. I was so nervous. The whole time leading up to it I was nervous. The ride there I was nervous. And basically the whole time I was there, I was nervous. I couldn't eat anything, it was hours before I could even drink anything, I don't think I talked to anyone except him until my last half hour there- oh yeah, it was bad.

        At one point, though, one of his friends' kids had asked me for a piggyback ride. And I obliged because, dude, little kids are my forte. If I can make this kid like me, I'm in!

        So I'm giving her a piggyback ride and it's pretty awesome and she was like "spin!" so I was like "okay!" and I spun. And spun. And spun. And then my foot decided to stop spinning, and my body kept going, and the next thing I knew I was falling in slow-motion with a small child on my back.

        And I fell.

        It's one of those moments that gives me the ability to say that I definitely know right away when someone asks my most embarrassing moment, but that also keeps me up at night from time to time when my brain decides to go "hey you've got a big day ahead of you, how about I remind you of everything you've ever done wrong."

        So yeah. I'd like to do that over and, y'know, not maim the small child while meeting that particular boyfriend's friends.

      • answered by jessesset on 01/03/2013
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    • New? Year!
      • Man this concept of New Year's resolutions is so weird. I mean, I understand the idea behind it, obviously- a new year feels like a fresh start for a lot of people. But I don't know, the idea of just waiting around for a new year to change something about yourself makes it seem like it's not that important of a thing to you.

        That said though, I am looking at this new year with a sense of purpose. Basically, my only resolution is to enjoy myself. To put myself first and really enjoy my life. I've been actively working to this end for a few months now, I just intend to keep doing it. I guess that's not a very interesting answer, but it's the only one I have.

      • answered by jessesset on 01/03/2013
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