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    • jhlandis
      • hello Janet Landis
      • Username: jhlandis
      • In response to: "What's the one thing you're never gonna give up?" Writing. I've been writing since my mother taught me to scrawl my first letters, and I hope to keep writing until the day I leave this life.
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    • Over again?
      • I'm not sure. My life had been one catastrophe after the next, so it's hard to know if it would be worth it to try and live the whole thing again. I was born with way too much empahy and sympathy for people, I'd like to start over with more options about how to deal with those qualities. Parents who introduced me to mindfulness meditation from the earliest possible age. I don't know if they'd follow through because they are very into the Methodist religion. It would be interesting to try though!

      • answered by jhlandis on 03/02/2013
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    • Managing Editor at The Sun magazine.
      • I would work for a magazine, specifically, "The Sun". I fell in love with this magazine years ago for so many reasons. One is that they don't take any advertising. They've been looking for an editor for at least a year now, and I've wanted to apply with everything in my being. The fact that I'm a nurse with two Bachelor's Degrees in non-writing fields does little to deter my imagination. I think about the building, probably a southern Victorian-style house, working with amazing writers who would bring out the amazing writer in me. Uprooting my whole family to North Carolina - whoosh, no problem. My dreams would carry us all through it. I'd spend my days basking in literary light, dancing through the days with delight - excited to go to work each day and never wanting to leave. (okay, that last bit is even unrealistic for MY dream). Sigh. That's my ideal job. It actually exists (the last time I looked) and I have none of the on paper skills I need to apply. I could never uproot my family, but it makes a fine dream as I prepare to go to my insane nursing job where staffing is always a crunch, and the patients are more demanding than a hundred mother-in-laws (the stereotypical type) on crack. Sigh. What a lovely prompt.

      • answered by jhlandis on 01/10/2013
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