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    • jjcylk
      • hello Joe Cylkowski
      • Username: jjcylk
      • In response to: "If you could be a member of any band, what would it be?", Jackson Brown,... hmmm not reaching back far about The New Christy Minsteral?, no, wait let's try any blue grass blues band!
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    • Change the World
      • Nothing. I am afraid of what other "other shoe would fall". I'm not happy with the election results. I regret other things. Who wants Obama recalled & end up with Smilin' Joe? I'll take what I have & makethebest of it.

      • answered by jjcylk on 11/16/2012
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    • Value of Social Web Works
      • RedBox Fail

        No. I can't be bother with most of the junk that flys across these sites. The best bit I get is from Redbox. I dropped out of FB because of the trash being published by my sister and neices. They have forgot that everyone sees what the do. But then they are the most liberal leftist socalist in our family. FB has destroyed my relationships.

      • answered by jjcylk on 10/17/2012
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    • Tweet, Tweet!
      • A bird in the hand is a successful tweet

        Bird Dog

        I am up in the on this. I really would like to use Google more. Both are a marketing tool. If you have a business, it is a necessay tool to broadcast information that is pertainent to said business. I was hoping that it would drive people to my blogs but at the moment I dont see a big effect.
        In my opinion the dog is still out in the field looking for birds. He knows he can smell them but he just can't flush them out.

      • answered by jjcylk on 10/02/2012
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    • News????
      • That is a question. A tough question. I don't read newspapers very much, a passing headlines while in line at the grocery store maybe. Even that is a local paper, whose news is more about road repair than anything national. I occupy my retired hours listening to podcast, about topics that interest me. I might buy a magazine but then its golf digest or fantasy footfall information.
        I do receive a couple subscriptions, Columbia: the Knight of Columbus news; American Hunter: NRA news; The Scouter: BSA magazine: AYSO's soccer magazine, but those will sit around for months...waiting for a rainy day to be read.
        I do try to read my RSS feeds; I have a gardening feed, two financial feeds, another version of the local newspaper feed, a couple of blogs, and an iPad news feed.
        The most TV I watch for news is financial based, two 60 second spots with Jim Cramer in the morning & then his evening show, Mad Money. I usually watch the 11 PM repeat of the show. I might pick up minutes here and there during the day.
        When I get in my truck, F-150, I am listening to podcast. They probably form most of my new information. A lot of editorials on economics, guns, HDTV, linux, computer repair, running, and always prayer. If steve Jobs hadn't perfected the iPod & iTunes, i would have a lot of time on my hands.

      • answered by jjcylk on 09/30/2012
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