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      • hello Kitel B
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      • In response to: "What is the one thing you consistently spill on yourself?" COFFEE
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    • Letter to (Future, still sexy) Me
      • 20 years from now..

        Sexy Lauren Ridealgh wearing stiletto pumps

        Hey how are you today?.. It must be so hard dealing with the fact that you are old. Lol. How's your husband and the kids?.. You're probably so freaked out juggling everything together in your head. And how's your career doing?.. I hope you're so done with the nursing stuff and planning your way to starting your long time dream of traveling.. Well, If you might wanna ask?.. Im doing okay, living your early twenties.. and trying to start a life and career that you're certainly enjoying now. I love you and please, keep yourself fit. lol.

      • answered by jwalker on 11/02/2012
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