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      • hello Krista Doyle
      • Username: k_marite
      • In response to: "If you could be a member of any band, what would it be?" darkNess BlindNess
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    • Social Media
      • I just joined facebook for the first time a couple months ago! I held off this whole time! Now that I'm on it- I don't see the point. It's boring and lame. I see a lot of pictures of dogs, cats and babies. I don't know why this society is promoting so much narcissism. Who cares if you just went bowling or fed your dog???

      • answered by k_marite on 04/08/2013
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    • In a rut
      • I get stuck on hummus, goat cheese and chicken all the time! I don't do anything to get out of the rut- I just power through until I;m sick of it!

      • answered by k_marite on 04/08/2013
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    • My great escape
      • Close out all debts and accounts. Update my passport photo. Get lost in the world at large...

      • answered by k_marite on 02/27/2013
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