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    • My place.
      • Its not huge but a cozy home.Its gotten a high ceiling,with an attic and basement.I'm gonna live up is in the attic and have white long windows there so I can see sunlight shining in every morning.The living room is gonna be a yellow colour and a bright one.All rooms except for the basements will be orange.The basement will be a combination of yellow and orange and so is the attic .I'm gonna have a garden at the back of the house.Its gonna have lots of plants planted by myself,a swing on which I can sit on a spring morning and read a book.And well the basement is gonna be my workshop because kids are scared of it and I can't think of anything else so yea.

      • answered by khadijamemon on 02/19/2013
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    • That one night.
      • One night I went to sleep and sat straight up in bed.I said out loud "I'm changing schools!" God knows what happened to me but I did.Changing my school was one weird in fact wired idea!But it changed my life and I must say in a postive way..No offence to my old school but when I meet people from a few years back,they hardly recognise me! I'm more confident,sure of myself and a much better student.I was different from people,I had a great childhood but nobody from my class or old school bothered to keep in contact and when I became popular,everybody suddenly remembered that somebody with my name was actually alive and not just some girl who created trouble.I mean are you kidding me?

      • answered by khadijamemon on 02/16/2013
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