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    • kma08009
      • hello Karen Adrian
      • Username: kma08009
      • In response to: "What do you do on the side?" I write poetry
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    • Playtime
      • Wrestling on the bed with my two children

      • answered by kma08009 on 12/12/2013
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    • A bend in time
      • I am only noticing my time with you. It doesn't speed or slow; it just is.

      • answered by kma08009 on 11/01/2013
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    • Wildflowers in a Field
      • If you feel the wind upon your face
        don't forget to kiss it back
        for a kiss on the cheek is like
        wildflowers caressing a field
        with colors and bloom, or
        geese taking flight
        in the moonlight
        where flapping wings
        resound in the air and
        water drips from feathered tails.

        If you taste the scent of
        clean cut grass don't forget
        to sit upon its verdant lap
        and lean in to feel its caresses
        upon your back like a lover
        cuddling you in his bed, or
        taste the air around you,
        perpetual Summertime
        upon your lips, licking up
        the remnants of past tears
        and giving you the hopes
        of many tomorrows.

        If you hear the sound of
        Nature's music
        don't forget to dance
        to the dulcet allure
        of orchestral masterpieces,
        the sounds pulling you out
        to the center of euphonious cajolery,
        whispering sweet nothings
        in your ear whilst birds chirp
        around you, spirited away,
        and the night is filled with euphoria, or
        hold the hand of your partner
        while he swirls you around like
        a flower tossed into the waters
        of flora and fauna,
        leaving soft ripples of music in
        the bosom of your life.

      • answered by kma08009 on 11/01/2013
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    • The first time the sun set on the Pacific Ocean in Puntarenas, Costa Rica
      • Nature is remarkable when she lets down her guard and lets you see the passion in her eyes when her eyelids close as the sun sets, and she caresses the waves with her golden hair.

        The most remarkable thing about my first sunset off the Pacific Ocean was the serenity and awe I felt when the sun began to dip itself into the horizon and the ocean welcomed it in its embrace.

      • answered by kma08009 on 11/01/2013
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