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      • hello zorah bean
      • Username: ladiiibean
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I am a hair stylist who models and writes poetry.
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    • Things I do NOT LIKE.
      • facebook like button

        at one point in time Facebook was a fun site to talk to your friends and socialize and gain connections, now its full of these like this or comment on this if you disagree on this picture. or i see the pictures like this if you believe in God scroll past if you wanna go to hell. Facebook is full of hypocrites and ignorant people who judge everyone. it became to much too the point i only use Facebook to upload pictures and make a post about my day. i dislike Facebook.

      • answered by ladiiibean on 11/30/2012
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    • Musings On Loss
      • sometimes we are so care to try to be responsible that it becomes irresponsible. have you every lost or misplaced something and had to use it as a life's lesson. i did .

        earlier to day i thought i lost my phone so i began to search almost everywhere i have been in the building eventually settling with the fact that i just need to be more responsible i sat down and began to feel something hard in my pocket it was my phone.

      • answered by ladiiibean on 11/30/2012
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    • Thoughts Eating Away at You
      • (1/365) Self Destruction

        one time i was being really mean to almost everyone in my house at the time i didnt care because i was upset and as the time passed and the days went on it haunted me and ate me up inside. to the point i promised myself no matter how bad someone else treats me i will remain to treat everyone the way i would want to be treated.

      • answered by ladiiibean on 11/30/2012
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    • Reflecting at the end of Life
      • On my death bed I would be mellow happy. Try ting to figure out how to get my family not to worry so much and not to stress. I would thinking about how this would be the last of my pain and worries. How I wish unicorns were real and I was one of the many little girls who wished they had a pony ...well okay I really wanted a baby cheetah. I would eventually end up in my mystery world where everything makes sense and I couldn't be any happier.
        On my death bed I would want lobster for my last meal while watching criminal minds and maybe ncis and csi. I would be trying to get cupcakes and cheese cake from the factory. Giving everyone a good final laugh before I leave.
        I wouldn't be thinking too much on my death bed I would be trying to find a little peace before I leave.

      • answered by ladiiibean on 11/28/2012
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